On the eve of New Year’s Eve

When: 12/30/2017

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Devito, Dosido, El Matador, Gingivitis, Special K, Cookie, Zima, Foghorn.

9 HIM gathered for the last beatdown of 2017. What a year it’s been! Getting together with and meeting other PAX from different regions inspired YHC to do more to push to find what changes need to be made for the new year.

The assignment this morning was to pick a battle buddy, a partner who you’d stay with for the duration of the workout and learn what they accomplished this year and want to commit to changing for next year. When you see him during the year, you’d be held accountable and ask them how they’re doing.

This is an account of what happened and how we got stronger in the gloom.

Mozy counter clockwise on the loop to the first pain station where we’d gather for a Lazy Dora of 100 Merkins, 200 2-count LBCs and 300 squats for the team, each doing a tenth of the count while the other planked in a rotating fashion until the counts were reached.

When done, mozy to the tennis courts for Hindenberg BLIMPS in the 4 corners. Transitions between the stations were as follows: wheel barrows, bear crawls, sideways bear crawls (both directions), broad jumps, lunges and crab walks.

Out of time, we run back to the flag for COT.


  • Special K took an extensive tour of the Widowmaker as he tried to find us this morning. Heard something about a truck in the way – being on time at an AO is late. Don’t be late! Early is on time.
  • lots of mumble chatter as we were transitioning between the pain stations
  • good to hear what the commitments are to change. We hold each other accountable as Iron sharpens Iron.
  • Just pick one thing you want to do more of and reach. This could be Q more, visit other AOs, post one more time per week, or anything that will help propel you to a new level while you discover more ways to serve and help others and be 3rd. Credit for this is Law Dog’s BB from this week.
  • good seeing Foghorn out again – we miss this HIM when he’s not able to post.
  • Miss our PAX who are traveling, see you in the New Year!


  • Don’t forget to look at the Q rosters and put your name down for when you can lead.
  • Next Saturday, 1/6/18 is the convergence for all AOs in the Atlanta Area.

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