Because its My Birthday!!!

When: 12/27/2017

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Harp, Banjo, Titlemax, Homeboy, Babyface, Wham-O, Legionnaire, The Mole, Dori, Bloodhound, Hombre, Manning, Woody, LawDog

YHC took the reigns on the last Wednesday of the Quarter which just so happens to be my Birthday.  The Pax doesn’t have to guess how old I am.


36 Side Straddle Hops – the Pax knew right away it was a special day.

The Thang

Start on Route 66 for 3 burpees at the lightpoles. 12 poles = 36 burpees

Mosey to the back parking lot. Line up on one side for a 3 sets of 12 reps (= 36 total) of the following all in Kodiak Count meaning left + right = 1:

1st round – 12 American Hammers – Bear Crawl to the other side of the lot – 12 lunges – Bear Crawl  back to the start.

Run to the end of the bus route – During the run, Manning wanted to run like a cheetah, so YHC thought we can do that.

2nd round – 12 flutter kicks – Cheetah run to the other side of the lot – 12 backward lunges – Cheetah run back to the start. It was at some point in round one when it started to snow – What a Birthday Miracle!

Run a lap to the end of the bus route.

3rd Round – 12 half pretzel crunches (or what ever you call them) – duck walk to the other side of the lot – 12 merkins – duck walk back to the start. It was at some point in Round 3 when the snow turned to Ice – What a Birthday let down!

Once the Pax was done with Round 3, Indian run around the school stopping at the benches in the front for 2 sets of 18 (=36 total) of Dips and Squats with one more squat to grow an inch.

Back to the flag for an Alphabet Mary spelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!

Of course no birthday would be complete without J-Lo.



Prayers for Titlemax’s son for an upcoming procedure Friday.

Prayers for The Mole’s Brother.

Naked Moleskins:

YHC has really enjoyed this Past year.  The Kodiak got started in February and has grown consistently to having 14 Pax post on a morning filled with snow and ice.  Thanks to Babyface for getting thist going. As I look forward to my next year, I am excited to see F3 North Atlanta Growing. We have a new AO launch next Tuesday 1/2/18 at Sequoyah High School. The Kodiak men scouted it out yesterday and promises to be a great place to beatdown men of Cherokee County to build them up.

As we get Ready for 2018, I challenge all Pax of F3 North Atlanta to step up and be Alpha’s.  Become leaders for your Family, Friends, Colleagues and Community. F3 can only make a difference if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and do something uncomfortable.   Visit other AOs and get to know your F3 brothers.  Set some goals for this year that require effort and discipline to achieve even if it is something completely stupid and utterly pointless like a Spartan trifecta or completing the Blue Ridge Mountain Relay. Set some goals that might be unachievable because even in failure you might find success.  Once you set a goal, post it on Twitter so your F3 brothers can help you along the way. 


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