Scouting Party

When: 12/26/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Spaceballs, Woody, Pulte, Homeboy, Hombre, Legionnaire, Bloodhound, Westside, Banjo, TitleMax, Dori, The Mole, Wham-O, & Misty

Since yesterday was Christmas, the crew at The Kodiak decided to forgo our normal Monday beatdown and do a little scouting mission at the new AO at Sequoyah.  YHC had meant to Homeboy, the future site Q to lead the beatdown for the day, buuut I forgot so luckily YHC had a back up plan, that I didn’t follow at all.  So after we met up at the stadium entrance we started our recon.  Here is what we found:

Warm up: 

After a long mosey up the hill and behind old Dean Rusk (now apparently called Sequoyah east) we circled up and did a few exercises which included SSH, Cotton Pickers, and Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

We continued the mosey to the back of new Dean Rusk were YHC noticed that we had a good looking row of street lamps.  It was hard to tell from our location how many, so instead of running ahead to find out we started a Route 66 stopping at each to do increasing amounts of burpees.  7 is the answer to how many street lamps, kinda thought there were going to be more, which coincidentally started to become a theme.  Once the 6 was in we moseyed over to the large parking lot in front of New Dean Rusk (NDR) and partnered up for a little BLIMP Suicide with running distances being the islands int eh parking lot.  From the starting point 2 were easily visible and at about equal distance, so YHC made the logical conclusion that this pattern would continue through the parking lot.  Once again YHC was deceived.  There ended up only being 2 islands, then a long section of parking lot until we hit the other side.  With BLIMPS completed we moseyed to a small serpentine shaped parking lot where we preformed 5 merkins/10 big boy sit ups/15 squats at each “corner” (term used loosely).  Right at the conclusion of my impeccable instructions, we had 2 more stragglers show up, thanks Woody and Dori for not giving up the game of hide and seek and actually being able to find us.  We finished our little fun run and started moseying past Hickory Flat Elementary when The Mole pointed out that we were passing some bus lanes, so I replied, “Hey everyone The Mole wants to load the buses!”  Misty quickly deduced that these numbers went backwards as we were standing in the “8” spot rather than the “1”.  Seeings how we only had a total of 9 parking spaces to work with we tripled up the counts in relation to the spot number( so 3 monkey humpers in the 1 space, 6 star jumps in 2, 9 monkey humpers in 3, you get the idea).  Once we completed all of the monkey humping and star jumping we continued our tour and moseyed back behind the Sequoyah tennis courts and down the long stairs to the school, through the court yard, and down the path back to the top of the stadium.  As we ran Hombre made the observation that the large wall to our left would be great for balls to the wall.  Why, yes it would.  So we stopped for a round of balls to the wall (won by Legionnaire, followed by 10 OYO Box jumps on the small wall opposite us.  Then we completed our mosey that lead us to the top of the stadium.  The recon mission would not be complete without checking out the stadium, but we were short on time so we did 6’s (instead of 11’s) with dips at top and derkins at the bottom.  We finished with just enough to make it back to the flag at 6:15.


Prayers for Spaceballs and his wife’s family.


  •  It was a great team effort today, and I appreciate all of the input from the PAX as we were moving through the AO.  You could see the wheels were turning for everyone as we tour much of it, but there was still many more spots that we didn’t get to.
  • This is going to be a great AO with tons of possibility.  SO much room for activities.  We launch in 1 week.
  • Next Quarter starts Monday- Monday Q’s will be Hombre and Westside; Wednesdays will be Wham-O, Dori, and C-4, Saturdays will be Bloodhound and Legionnaire (god help us).
  • I challenged all of our PAX to find a goal and find a friend to hold them accountable for that goal over the course of this next year.  Still working on mine, but we each have a week to figure it out.


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