One last time in 2017

When: 12/20/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): The Mole, Misty, Harp, Spaceballs, Hombre, TitleMax, Yogi, Lawdog, Wham-o, Manning, Homeboy, Woody, Dori, Westside, Bloodhound, & Cricket

There was a threat of rain as YHC checked the forecast before I set off for bed, but luckily I go to bed early and woke to a much nicer environment than anticipated.  Barely a week removed from snow, we were greeted by warm muggy weather, and I could not have been happier. So with this being the last time YHC was going to take the reigns for the Kodiak in 2017, I wanted to take us on a tour of all the wonderful places we have explored this year.  With that in mind we started to mosey to the front of the parking lot.

The Warm Up:

 At the front of the parking lot we circled up for some old favorites which included: SSH, Imperial walkers, Cotton Pickers, and arm circles, which apparently are called Sun Gods and are done in cadence, somehow.  YHC is not good at in cadence sun gods.

The Thang:

With our blood pumping and our muscles nice and loose we lined up for a route 66 where we did, in increasing by 2, merkins.  Once we finished the loop we air chaired for the six. Before we headed over to our next major area of fun YHC decided to increase the fun level for our legs so we went over to the benches/tables for a round of Aiken Legs, you know, just for fun.  Next we moseyed over to the middle school parking lot, stopping once to re-group and knockout some wednesday favorites, Happy Jacks.  Once we arrived at the middle school we partnered up for a few rounds of catch me if you can.  One partner did 5 Star jumps (just for you Hombre) then took off after his backward running partner.  Once caught the partner did 5 Star Jumps and did the same.  We did 2 full laps around the inner loop of the middle school parking lot. YHC made the mistake or was unfortunate to have odd numbers and have to group up with speedy and his friend, Homeboy and Manning.  For some old guys, they can move, and make me feel a little bad about myself.   

A tour of the Kodiak would not be complete without a visit to the metal mountains so we hustled over to the stadium and split up for 11’s of Monkey Humpers at the mountain top and dips in the foothills.  YHC doesn’t know what was going on at other parts of the mountain but I do know that the Mole and Wham-o where crushing it.  Once done re-group back at the Kodiak statue for the 6.

Mosey back to the flag


Prayers for Legionnaire who has a back issue


Come out for some 2nd F fun tonight at Stouts

Thank you for allowing me to lead you this past quarter, it’s been a pleasure men.

No Workout next Monday (Christmas day) but we will have a soft launch next Tuesday at Sequoyah, park at the Football parking lot

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