Where’s Waldo?

When: 12/19/2017

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Jackelope (Future Q), Bayside, Krueger, Saban, Nacho, Devito, Zima, Radar, Special K, Spandex, Scar, HaHa, MT,

Ok, not actually Waldo, at 5:29 AM it was where’s our registered Q for the day?  15 men looked carefully around the parking lot but the Wreck AO founding father and advocate of online rotational Q signup sheets was nowhere to be seen.  Not a problem though, we have a group of men Always Ready to Lead.  Today was YHC’s turn at improv.

Off the 15 went on a fast mosey to a familiar flag pole circle for some brief warmups to stretch our muscles.  It’s been said that stretching muscles in advance of a strenuous physical outing is a wise and beneficial practice.

Off to FOD for a partner Dora of 50 Burpee’s, 100 Mercans, 200 BBS and 300 Squats.  Some quick MARY and we formed two lines for 3.5 laps around the perimeter while the last two pax hit 5 burpees and sprinted to catch the group. No time for 10 counts – on to Grits Pavilion for 3 OYO rotations of dips, step ups and derkins.  First round 20 of each, then 25 and finally 30.  Back to the flag for some time spent creating Abdominal Muscle Fatique (AMF)

Prayers for Mufasa to heal and return soon from a hip flexor injury.  You cannot keep that high impact man down for long.   It does however validate he is human after all.

The Pax are getting stronger all the time.  The delay time between the first and last to complete exercise assignments is clearly getting shorter.

Consistent posts by two of our newest,  Spandex and Scar very impressive.  It’s easy to see these two will be Q leaders soon.

Will 2018 bring us a VQ by Jackelope?  He has been steadfast in his commitment to praying about it.   YHC would view his name on the 2018 Q signup sheet as possibly the greatest gift of this holiday season.

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