BOMBS in the Fog

When: 12/18/2017

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Cookie, Boomer, Piggy, Saint 2.0, Sunshine, Flo, The Dab, Sneakers

9 came early for a pre-Christmas beatdown!  YHC led the PAX on a journey through the fog to the track, for some partner work.  Added a little extra warmup in the beginning that probably wasn’t necessary in hindsight.  After a loop around the parking lot:

10X Cotton Pickers

10X HillBilly’s

10X Squats

20X SSH’s

Indian Run over to the track, with Flo and Cookie showing us how to sprint to the front!  50 Burpees, 100 Overhead Claps, 150 Merkins, 200 BBSU’s (man that’s a lot!), and 250 Squats.  The PAX seemed to be moving quickly, so YHC thought he could squeeze in 1 more exercise.  We mosey’d over to the stairs, in full camera view, for 200 Monkey Humpers and 6 one-leg Burpees at the top.  We still got back late with some Lunges along the way.  It was great work because we got nearly 3.5 miles.

Prayers for the Simmons family, they have a tough situation to deal with no matter the outcome.  Also, praising God for His favor!

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