Christmas Eve Eve King of the Hill

When: 12/23/2017

QIC: Clyde, Bronco

PAX (): Everyone welcome


On a recent Sunday afternoon yog between Bronco and YHC in just under 7 inches of snow we decided everyone in the North Atlanta region should be able to enjoy the tiny hill we in the north called Sawtooth Pass.  The real reason for the was 48 straight hours of M and 2.0’s during a snowstorm.  A man can only build, knock down and rebuild so many snowmen.  A short mention of Cherry Street Brewery as a finishing point had Bronco hooked.  We met at the Parking and off we went with a quick mile to the Forsyth greenway and further north still to the Sawtooth.

With the Christmas season fast approaching we thought one last second F would not be the worst thing.  The plan is to meet at the Parking lot of Cherry Street at 11 am on 12/23 and return just after the doors open at noon with a 7.5 mile run in between. It’s am out and back so if 7.5 and a big A hill is not your speed than feel free to run the flat part and turn back whenever you feel like it.  We will all meet at the watering hole.  Starsky’s welcome.

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