Track is Whack

When: 12/05/2017

QIC: dosido

PAX (): crack, lawdog, dosido

For those who would rather sweat it up outdoors exercising  on a frosty morning surrounded by other sweaty men looking to do the same rather than snuggle in with the M, there’s F3…and for all of you out there who just said you’re not sure you’d actually rather do the former but do it anyways, here’s your BB.

Warmup: nothing to speak of really, maybe a good solid fist-bump and a hearty attempt at touching your toes prior to 0530 dinner bell


quickish pace to the track (it really is whack) about a mile from launch point (.96mi to be exact). pretty sure we were there in just over 7mins but i’d have to confirm this with someone else for credibility since i’m writing this BB and most reading it weren’t there, i can say pretty much whatever i want. in route YHC laid down the format to eliminate any delay upon arrival

to everyones surprise i said we’d be running laps. Each lap was to be preceded by 5 burpees, 10 squats, and a 15s plank hold. This took place for 4laps, and all maintained a decent pace. Concluding the fourth lap we headed into the stands for the stairs. we climbed lots of stairs, over and over, then chose a spot on bleachers for off-set vertically-challenged merkins (one hand/leg on high seat, one on lower seat) 6 IC then flapjack to reciprocate the jealous half. More stairs followed, then with glowing thighs we hit the track for a quarter mile backwards run. This proved to be harder than it sounds, very effective burner.

15 IC SSH, grab your things and head out. 1mi run back to a city hall beautifully lit by christmas lights of the extra-extravagant kind (it’s Alpharetta). In the romantic ambiance of perfect seasonal lighting, we bear-crawled to the grass from the stage while performing incline merkins on the stairs 2, 4, 6…to 10.

Time was nearly up, we headed to the lot for leg lifts & boxcutters to close it out.


YHCs’ gramps is doing poorly, he needs comfort and prayers. Please remember the crossing guard killed on duty and the families of those involved

tWxtW is a new AO – officially. We meet on Tuesdays at the Haynes Bridge Rd Publix @0530. To mix it up, consider going back and forth between this and The Rubicon

peace, dosido


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