Sua Sponte Q

When: 12/04/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Mufasa, Catfish, Simba, Boomer(Go Dawgs!), Piggie, Scrooge, Sunshine, BRD

A simple question…Who has the Q today?  The lack of an answer is the birth of a Q.

F3 applies the concept of acting on one’s own accord to Leadership through the taking of Individual Initiative (I2 for short) in furtherance of Outcome. F3 calls this Sua Sponte Leadership

YHC grabbed the reins and the Q.

Here’s what happened:

Warm-up: Long mosey over to the soccer field for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, and Cotton Pickers.  10 IC

Next…mosey over to the lot near the soccer field for some suicides.  5 Mike Tysons to start each round.  Followed by 5, 10, and 15 burpees at the turn.  You are Welcome!

Next…mosey over to Chapel Hill for some Al Sanders or Bernie Gores or Bernie Sanders.  Confused, check the Lexicon.  Three rounds (mosey down and backwards mosey back up) with an auxiliary exercise in between each round.  Air chair with overhead claps and monkey humpers.  The trips up and down increased with the rounds.

Next…mosey over to the trail around the lake where YHC shared the Qing duties.  Indian run around…the PAX from the back would call halt when he made it to the front, then an in cadence exercise of his choosing.  Good cadence practice

Next…mosey over to the lot by the chapel for some Super 21s.  21 merkins/big boy sit-ups, 18 merkins/big boy sit-ups, 15 merkins/big boy sit-ups, 12 merkins/big boy sit-ups, 9 merkins/big boy sit-ups, 6 merkins/big boy sit-ups, 3 merkins/big boy sit-ups.  1 merkin/bb sit-up.  No rest in between…two muscle groups smoked.

Next…mosey back to the Flag with a brief stop for some walking lunges and backwards walking lunges.  Then all in to the flag.

5 minutes of mary…going around the horn.

COT- So good to have Catfish back in the house and have Mufasa visit.  Prayers for HIS kingdom, prayers for Catfish and his line of work.

Honored to lead and be led by you!




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