Copperhead vs. F3 – no match

Q:  Fireballs

PAX:  Smalls, Haggis, Billboard, Scout, Manhole, Leon, Brass Monkey

the thang –

mosey warm up lap around parking lot followed by warm-a-Rama of:

Wind mills x10 IC, SSH X10 IC, Imperial Walkers x10 IC, Sumo Squats x10 IC, Mountain Climbers x10 IC.  RINSE & REPEAT.

Native American run to DNC entrance for various Plank positions followed by Floyd Mayweather x10 IC.

Mosey to bottom of hill for Mary/Hill run series:

LBC, Low Dolly, Flutter Kick, Heels to Heaven, Dying Cockroach, all x10 IC.

10 Merkins, run up hill to first cone for 10 Squats, run further up hill to next cone for 10 Merkins, run to top of hill for 10 Squats.  All mosey back to bottom of hill.

Rinse & Repeat Mary and Hill Run then one more round of Mary for good measure.

Mosey to stumps for 11’s:  Step Ups and Derkins.  OYO.  At this point Leon noticed something brownish intertwined in a bush next to the stumps and low and behold a rather handsome copper head it was.  The snake wanted no part of this PAX so we left before he changed his mind.

Mosey to House of Pain for Dips x10 IC.  Repeat, Repeat.

Mosey back to bottom of hill for another run up with Merkins and Squats at cones.

Native American run back to Austin.

Partner up for Bear Crawl, SSH rotation down the parking lot and back.

Picnic Tables for Jump Ups x 10 OYO.  Rinse & Repeat.

Wall Squats followed by Balls to the Wall.  Rinse & Repeat.

Kitty Kat x10 IC.

Burpees x5 OYO.

COT – Leon took us out in fine fashion.




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