An Assortment of F3 Classics

An assortment of F3 Classics

AO: The Gladiator

When: 02/26/2019

PAX: Sox, Freefall, Stud Finder, Mufasa, Laces, Blackbox, Kegger, Moonshine, Delicious, Postal, Shrinkage, Scrum, Tigger, Puddle Jumper, Wikka Wikka, Brownie, Spandex, Defcon 2, Renegade, Viking, Scar, Tebow, Slinky (FNG)

QIC: Tebow

23 HIMs came out to enjoy a DRY beatdown – I’m sure everyone showed up for me, it had nothing to do with the fact that this is the first time it hasn’t been raining on us in weeks.  The pre-runners were WAY off when we made our traditional estimate with the high guess from Mufasa at 17.  Nice work men and way to show out!  The big crowd also put the Q a little behind the 8 ball to make sure everything would work with the drove of BMFAs that came out this morning!


A short mosey to the pavilion parking lot we circled up for 15 each of




Another quick mosey up the hill to the softball field lot for some suicides to make sure everybody’s blood was pumping.

The Thang:

The Q thinks we all need some more pullups in our lives so we led off with a morning call.  The PAX held a plank while each man took his turn hitting 5 pullups. We switched to one arm up, middle, other arm up, etc as we went. Big props to Puddle Jumper who was a little late but made it in time to get his pullups in – it’s always easy to fartsack when you wake up late so this shows you that you can still make it for the fun parts.  The Q had planned for a couple of rounds of this, but after one, it was time to move on – that and al the mumble chatter indicated it was time to shut everybody up!

As we moseyed back to the field, it was audible time, no way the original Weinke was going to be able to work for the big crowd so we continued the beatdown with F3 standards starting with a Jack Webb. As the first time leading this exercise the Q discovered the extra dimension of difficulty when counting all the shoulder presses but made it through.

For the next classic hit, it was time for BLIMPS suicides across the pitch. Laddering up 5 counts for each exercise as we hit each point across the field.  Brownie had some pent up energy and scorched the course with Mufasa talking smack the whole way.  As the PAX finished up, there was some Mary back by the starting point and a few of us went and brought the six home.

We closed it out with some SEAL situps that actually worked pretty well this time! I knew we could figure that one out.  Nobody let up and everybody finished together and it was AWESOME!

Back to the flag for a little bit of Mary, Mom…  I mean Spandex tried to reign us in as time ran out but the PAX forged ahead, it’s just not a beatdown if we down get DC2’s American Hammer’s in.


  • Prayers for Delicious after the loss of his father.  Losing a parent is always a hard thing, but as he said, “life goes on” and we have to forge ahead. He may be gone but is not forgotten, and the character of man Delicious is a testament to his father and he would be very proud.
  • Wikkia Wikka is going through the final phase of a job interview after a recent layoff, prayers that the final interview goes well
  • Sox is organizing the Pat Tillman run, below is a link to our team page. Sign up now! Stop waiting! Let’s get a good crew out there!

As always, thanks for your support this morning and I’m honored to know all of you.  I am a better man for it and appreciate each and every HIM that drags his butt out of bed to build this group up.  Nice work men!

  • Tebow out

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