Monkey Business

6 Pax posted to join 2 more pre runners and all beat the sack on a frigid morning.  We moseyed around the park and did some warm up stuff including mo-rockin nightclub and on to the playground.

This next simple idea came from alumni alpha pax and my original sponsor – NoSeeUm.  It was communicated via text when YHC didn’t feel like being original.  NoSeeUm being a creative bugger, likes to add a little imagination to each Q.  His idea was Monkey Business 1,2,3  with following counts:

50 – Monkey Squats
100 Monkey Jumpers
150 Monkey Humpers

His idea was for Partner A to do a trip on the Monkey Bars while Partner B is doing the exercise but since our Monkey Bars suck, it became running across the bridge and back.

Next we did three partner cycles of 10 pull ups while partner B did donkey kicks on the wall.

On to FOD for NoSeeUm workout part B Escalator
10 Burpees
20 American Hammers
30 Shoulder Taps
40 Hip Thrusters
50 LBC’s

One lap around the field and then Back down the Escalator and then one more lap around the field.

Back to flag for a little MARY


Pitstop had some productive interviews
Waffle informed us his VQ on Tuesday will be tough for us


Cookie remains the fastest man in a sprint in a straight line (but he will be 40 soon) and his strong coffee makes us all move fast all morning
Pinkey getting stronger and his F3 addiction is growing – however he continues to resist all forms of internet communication
Mayhem always the consistent pace pusher with the steady temperament
Appreciation for Pitstop who corrects form on par with our old Co-Q and his side kick Waffles for his enthusiasm and energy.
Special mention to Lumberg who continues to push his comfort level with running – kept pace well today on the pre run, has a fancy watch and is training for his first half.
Stifler for his inhuman ability to stay warm in a t-shirt when temps hit freezing
Much appreciation to NoSeeUm for his relentless pursuit of creating themed Beatdowns.

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