Everyone meet BrUno

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/25/2018

PAX: Aflac, Chelsea, Ibeam, Wideright, Secret, Percy, Yahtzee, Boggle, DD, Cha Ching, Sparky

QIC: Bronco/Uno (BrUno)

The Galaxy boys were needin’ some lovin’ after a Q spot became vacated and none other than BrUno answered the call.  YHC + a newer Pax named Uno aka Ibeam aka Tiny arms put together a plan sure to bring pain to every inch of the body and here’s how it went:

Warmup (Uno)

Quick mosey around the track and end up on the far field for:

– Imperial Walkers 15 IC
– Cotton Pickers 15 IC
– Squats 10 IC
– Demonstration of the Bonnie Burps (more to come)

The Thang (Bronco)

We mosey to the first field and identified 4 trees that would become our 4 corners…Escalator.

  • Tree 1 – 10 big boys
  • Tree 2 – 10 big boys, 20 merkins
  • Tree 3 – 10 big boys, 20 merkins, 30 diamonds
  • Tree 4 – 10 big boys, 20 merkins, 30 diamonds, 40 werkins

Mary for the 6 only to go back down:

  • 10 big boys, 20 merkins, 30 diamonds, 40 werkins
  • 10 big boys, 20 merkins, 30 diamonds
  • 10 big boys, 20 merkins
  • 10 big boys

We meet the 6 to finish up big boys at the final tree then to the next:

The Second Thang (Uno)

  • Line up along the field for some Bonnie Burps Lt Dan style
    4-1 Lunge Walks to Bonnie Burps. Bonnie Burps = One set Bonnie Blairs, one jump squat and one burpee.
  • Pax began what could only be a grinder of a beatdown. Some (one-chelsea) thought it might be too much for them, took the easy way out and decided just to mosey around the park….Can’t remember what number we were on, but YHC needed the lactic acid to reside a bit, so quick 10 counts started rolling out.
  • Half way through YHC remembered to switch up the lunge walks to side lunges, which was sort of a relief. More 10 counts. Has anyone ever experienced as many 10 counts in one beatdown, let alone one routine?… It was needed.
  • The goal was 10, but we made it to 7. I wanted to be invited back at some point. Pretty sure we had another 10 count and took a slow mosey back around the park to end at the flag for Mary-go-round where almost all Pax had their chance at a Mary-ish exercise.


  • Unspoken prayers
  • Awesome group of guys over at Galaxy – hope everyone keeps it up and continues to grow!

BrUno out.

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