Coupons (and Discounts) have made their arrival at DNC!

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/08/2020

PAX: Ricochet Rum Runner Guard Dawg Scout Oompahloompa Ricky Martin Horney Big Apple Gilligan Fireballs Suds Radar Dubya Saltlick Major Brass Monkey Billboard CIA

QIC: Chaingang

19 brace PAX came out for YHC’s virgin Saturday DNC Q, to experience the joy of 100% humidity and to break in the new stash of coupons at DNC (thanks to Dunder for the donation to get us started).


– Side Straddle Hop 15x IC
– Monkey Humpers 10x IC
– Windmill 10x IC
– Rum Runner’s Weed Pickers 10x IC (f/k/a cotton pickers – CSO Rum Runner said we couldn’t use that term anymore)
– Runners Stretch
– 10x Burpees OYO
– Trail run to Roberts Dr.

The Thang:

Thang 1 – Fireballs 4 Corners with an upgrade
– Mosey to school entrance
– Run to each corner doing the following exercises, all the way around the school
– 10x Merkins
– 10x Drydock Crabs
– 10x Turkish Getups
– 10x Blockees and 10x Kettlebell Swings (with Coupons)
– Rinse and Repeat for a total of 4x (3x laps)
– Trail run to Roberts Dr.

Thang 2 – More introduction of our coupons to DNC
– Mosey to coupon corner
– Secure Coupon
– Mosey to Benches
– Elevens, Steps Ups and Thrusters (as much as possible until time is up)
– Return coupons, stack them nicely
– Trail run to Roberts Dr.


YHC smoked himself today, so he cannot recall who took us out in prayer, but it was a good one, thankful for the strength and health to come out with this great group of men.


F3 Lexicon Word of the Day:

A half-baked excuse for not Posting delivered in advance of the Workout to avoid accusations of Fart Sacking. More generally, any excuse for Knox Rolling.

Any act or omission by a Presbyterian (or anyone with a Justifier) so weak and kittenish that it would cause John Knox to roll over in his grave and moan in despair.

The reproductive organ with which usually a male comes Equipped.

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