Some of the best attractions

AO: Hoppylike

When: 2023-11-17

QIC: Caffey

PAX (11): Avis, Data Breach, DeLorean, Ha-ha, HotSauce, Legos, lumbergh, Mayhem, Nacho Libre, Steven Kinderman


Looked like a good morning and wanted to see a few favorites on the area around Hoppy: the greenway, Preston Ridge, and Avalon. Amazing disclaimer given for the FNG.


Nope, we run

The Thang:

Over to the greenway, right on the greenway and found our off ramp at North Point church, over to go up and down Preston Ridge, and in the back way to and through Avalon.


We got to name a FNG, reminder about Santa Ruck, chili Ruck, and casual 5k. Welcome FNG Wonderland!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead!

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