Hold it right there

AO: Meathouse

When: 2023-11-07

QIC: Angus

PAX (15): Angus, BallBoy, Boomer, Fuzzy Dice, Hackeysack, Half-Dozen, HIPAA, Meatball, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter, PuffDaddy, Saint2O, Skunkworks, Spackle, COWBOY


  The word on the street was  Spackle's Q yesterday put a hurting on everyone at the hooch. So i need to take that into consideration right ?  wrong.


10x Hill Billie's, Michael Phelps, Baby arm circles, copper head squats, weed pickers, wind mills

The Thang:

grab the coupons and ruck to the bottom of the tesla ramp. drop the bricks line up for a follow the leader shuttle run up 2 parking spaces and side shuffle across the parking deck back and forth up the hill.  Reach the top and come back down this time in a Bernie sanders shuttle run & karaoke across the deck. circled up in the back parking lot behind the movie theater for coupon exercises. the group does reps of coupons exercise while one by each pax completes the timer exercise. Overhead press - timer 3 blockies curls - timer 3 thrusters goblet squats - timer 5 split squats bent over row - timer 3 blockies kettle bell swings - timer 3 thrusters          


F3 alpha JC convergence Saturday at Perimeter church 7 am.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

glad to lead

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