It’s NOT as easy as…1,2,3

AO: Badapple

When: 08/03/2022

QIC: The_OG Zima

PAX (9): Chalupa, goat, Queen, Rusty, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Toasted, Turbine


The following beatdown was brought to you by YHC — NOT a cross-fit, orange theory or any other type place like that. #notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat

Coupons required for this beatdown: Kettlebell ideal or good size lifting rock will do.


  • SSH
  • Weedpicker
  • Windmill
  • Sungods
  • Michael Phelps

Mosey from parking lot across LAX fields to playground (oh no here it comes) behind the SCHOOL (beware) for Morning Call.

  • 2 Pax at a time perform 5 pull-ups while the rest plank and do 5 merkins in cadence with the pull-ups.

When done, mosey back to the parking lot.

The Thang:

Pax partner up and face the truth it is NOT as easy as 1,2,3. Rather *100, 200, 300 reps of the below exercises.

  • Each pair work together to complete the required number of reps. Pax 1 performs exercise, while Pax 2 runs a lap around the parking lot for the set of 100’s. When Pax 2 finishes lap, flapjack with Pax 1. Once you get to the next group, (200 rep count) instead of a lap around the parking Pax run down and back up Zima’s Hill. Once at 300 count, go back to lap around the parking lot.
  • Exercises:
    • 100 one-arm rows on parking curb with KB
    • 100 Burpees
    • 100 Wide-arm merkins
    • 200 V-Ups with KB
    • 200 Thrusters with KB
    • 200 KB Swings
    • 300 American Hammer with KB (single count)
    • 300 Goblet Squat with KB
    • 300 LBCs

*Note: Rep count after the round of 100 was modified to 150 and 200 instead of 200 and 300 and we did not finish the entire list.



  • FIA/F3 Convergence this Sat Wills park 7am


  • Continued prayers for Goat and he navigates taking care of his Dad.
  • Continued prayers for AFLAC and his family as they go through the grieving process over the loss of his Dad.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Give it up for The Burn for rocking the weighted vest during the entire BD. Not an easy task.
  • For those who missed it don’t be surprised if this BD is REPEATED very soon. #blameturbine

I may or may NOT have drank a beer while writing this BB.

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