And so it begins

AO: Dawson

When: 06/05/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (9): Script kiddie Homer Ace Ventura Dunshire Suarez Skynyrd Ha-ha Nacho Libra Trojanman(FNG)


I got there early to make sure the football field was good and do a quick look over the AO to finalize the plan for the morning, questions were dancing in my head of did I do enough to get it going. Homer soon showed up to check out the park, then everyone else started rolling in with Ha-ha and Nacho Libra rolling in right before start time, thanks to Homer, Ha-ha and Nacho for making the long trek up to this new AO, now on to the Warm up


Started to mosey trying to only take left turns, great suggestion Ha-ha!
Disclaimer, then on to Warm up

Weed pickers
Mountain man poopers

Time to mosey to start the Thangs

The Thang:

Moseyed up to the football field to start thang1

First and 10
I have been wanting to do this one but up until now there has only been soccer fields where I lead the Q
Line up at the goal line
Run to the 10 yard line do 10 jump squats and 1 merkin jack
Run to the other goal post then
Back to the 20 yard line
9 jump squats 2 merkin jacks
Run to the Goal line
Back to the 30 8 jump squats and 3 merkin jacks
Run to the goal line
On till you were done
As PAX completed the thang, they would gather in the end zone and do several rounds of Mary once done we
Moseyed to the hill for thang 2

The hill is unique in that it goes up to a landing then down  sooo time for 11s with tolls to be paid at the top
10 2 Count Lunges at the bottom of the hill
3 burpees at the top, a great suggestion by Ha-ha since we had made a few right turns
Down to the bottom of the other side of the hill and 1 V-up
back up the hill 3 merkins
9 2 count lunges
3 burpees at the top
2 V-ups at the bottom
Continue till the 11s were done
PAX did squats in cadence as they waited for everyone to finish

Someone (cannot remember if it was Suarez or Homer) had the idea to use the stairs  so we ran up the steps and then back down 3 times, with time still to spare, this was the first hour long beatdown I have lead, Ha-ha called out to do DORAs so, on to thang4

DORA time – time to step up
So since we were at the steps the plan was to start at the bottom of the steps have one PAX start the exercises  and the other run to the top of the steps and back
100 merkins
200 LBCs
300 Squats
After that it we called the BD

No time for Mary on to the COT


Moseyed to the COT
Number count 9 HIM to start the AO
Ace asked to lead the pray
Prayer request
Suarez – prayer for old co-workers wife still struggling with covid
Ace requested prayer for his family memeber dealing with a relative that had died
Others as well but sadly I cannot remember them

Time to name the FNG so welcome TrojanMan

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  1. Thanks to Ace for picking up the Doughnuts, and it was great to be able to take our first group photo at the new AO

As we were hanging out a couple asked if we were going to be there much longer, and that sparked a conversation that potentially could lead to a possible EH and FNG for an upcoming BD.

Thanks to all the HIM that stepped up and help the couple setup for their daughters Bday party.
We hung out at talked for awhile and planed up coming Qs, thanks for Suarez for taking next weeks Q, and the Q sheet is up and ready for everyone to grab a Q date.

This AO launch was truly a group project, thanks to Homer, Ha-ha, Turbine and everyone else that helped me get the word out and to all the HIM of Firehouse that encouraged me to get this started, but I feel part of their motivation was to avoid more of my BDs at Firehouse, lol.

Looking forward to how this goes/grows from here.

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