39 Special

AO: The Norseman

When: 05/06/2021

QIC: Callahan

PAX (16): Bottom Bunk, Huckleberry, Stu, Nacho Libre, Crikey, Jethro, TMI, Hot Sauce, T.O., Blistex, Ha-Ha, Pumba, Birdie, Shooter, Dr. Rico, Callahan


Well, I apparently logged another trip around the sun today marking 39 years.  Can you think of how many dumb jokes have been told in that timespan???

High attendance Thursday was upon us, and we were off.  Quick disclaimer and then a mosey around the lot.


Finished up the mosey on the field at the 50 yard line.  The PAX quickly noticed 5 lanterns spread out around the field and the mumblechatter began.

13 SSH, 13 Imperial Walkers, 13 Weed Pickers – do the math kids…

The Thang:

There were 5 stations at different points on the football field.  At each station a lantern illuminated three workouts to be performed.  The PAX would do 13 of each of the exercises listed for a total of 39 reps, then take a lap around the field before moving on to the next station.

Station 1- Wide Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks

Station 2 – Merkins, Jump Squats, LBCs

Station 3 – Hand Release Merkins, Bear Crawl(13 yds), Freddie Mercury

Station 4 – Diamond Merkins, Lunge Walk (13 steps), Box Cutters

Station 5 – Burpees, Sumo Squats, Dying Cockroaches

We finished multiple rounds, and the PAX loved it based on the groans that could be heard.


Thankful to lead a great group of men!

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