“Are those jacuzzi frogs?”

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/26/2021

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (8): Sellout, Vanilla, Squeegee, Bear, Aflac, tubs, ScratchOff, meltdown


Seeing the forecast for less than ideal weather, YHC tried to entice the Slack channel to a guns out Friday. Was planning for 1, but 7 others defied the fartsack to get the weekend started right.


Moseyed to cover by the playground. Ok, YHC might have been going more than mosey speed, as “I’ve never seen Meltdown run this fast”. It was chilly. And rainy. And Yhc was trying to keep the guns warm. We performed the following:

SSH – 15

weed picker – 15

toy solder – 12

arm circles – 12

The Thang:

Today was Fats Domino’s birthday. YHC tried to incorporate this into the BD, but the translation didn’t make it through. But we did the following (Domino from the exicon):

After trying to type in a condensed fashion, just take my word: we planked and did merkins.

After the domino and trying to stay dry, coupons were retrieved.

Promising a guns-out Friday we did the following exercises with 25 and 5 reps, 3 times through each combo before running to the road and then moving to the next combo:


OHP/jackass merkins

skull crushers/Romanian deadlifts w/coupon

Rinse/repeat for a couple of rounds.

Next up was dips and crunchy frogs, 25 each for a few rounds. ScratchOff named the next F3 exercise, the “jacuzzi frog” thanks to another Pax form.  Involves using the park bench to lean back like one is sitting in a jacuzzi but your legs still maintain crunchy frog movement.

Did some Mary with each pax picking an exercise (American hammer, flutter kicks, dying cockroach, LBC, “skating ladies” (thanks sellout) aka Bonnie Blair’s, and SSH). Moseyed back to the parking lot and called time.


prayers for divot’s mom and squeegee’s college roommate

Sellout mentioned large groups could reach out directly for river cleanup, so keep an ear open for future announcements.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thankful for those coming out this morning and allowing me to lead.

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