Road to 270

AO: Big Creek

When: 11/04/2020

QIC: Whiz

PAX (6): Whiz, Swiper, Deuce, Snowman, Olaf, Mr. Hand


It’s officially been 3 years since YHC made his first down painment in the gloom and I couldn’t wait to celebrate with a Q at my original AO from back in 2017.


Mosey around the bean and over toward the track for the usual SSH, IW, Sprinkler, WP IC.  We heard some grunting along the way and stumbled upon a buck chasing after a doe (presumably in rut) for some action.  Pretty cool.

The Thang:

Early plans of a 3yr anniversary theme went out the window last night watching election coverage as YHC decided to pivot to current events.  Theme of the day was: campaigning across the AO for 270 electoral college votes.

Grab a running mate and head to the skate park bathrooms to secure the millennial vote.  Partner 1 holds BTTW while partner 2 knocks out 15 reps of the following.  Flapjack after each set until both candidates get their 15 of each: merkins, dry docks, squats, lunges, LBC, reverse LBC


Mosey back around the bean to our next stop at the fire station to secure the firefighter vote.  Same concept and rep count but hold Al Gore while partner does 15 diamond merkins, ranger merkins, star jumps, Bonnie blairs, dying cockroach, Freddy mercury

Mosey back around the bean one last time to the F3 pavilion to secure the votes for the nation’s PAX.  Same deal with partner 1 on chilicut while 2 knocks out 15 derkins, dips, jump ups, step ups, crunchy frog, gas pumpers

Head back to the flag to knock out 46 merkins (planned for burpees but PAX got a reprieve cause we ran out of time) for the current/next president and finish with some T Bombs just because


Prayers for some semblance of civility coming out of the election if not unity.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always remember that elections pale in comparison to eternity and that our real treasure is stored up in heaven with our Lord and savior.

If we worried half as much about the people in our direct sphere of influence instead of a bunch of corrupt assholes in Washington we could really make some positive change in our families and neighborhoods.

so thankful or all the HIM in F3 who have enriched my life and inspired me to accelerate and grow over the last 3 years.

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