Let’s Play Some Cards

AO: Bad Apple

When: 08/21/2020

QIC: Zima

PAX (6): Ollie,Rusty,Brutus,Goat,Woody,Zima


As I was deciding what to do for Friday’s beatdown, I had part of it planned out – that is until the whispers of “Woody wants to do burpees” were heard across the interwebs…so why not? The dude obliges.


We started things off with a mosey around the front of the school to the basketball courts for a quick warm-o-rama. Exercises were:

10 SSH

10 Weedpickers

10 Hillbilies.

Then it was back to a mosey down towards Crabapple and along the sidewalk and up the hill towards the parking lot next to the soccer/lax fields. A slow rain turned into a bit a heavy one by the time we got to the top.

The Thang:

What was at the top to greet everyone? That’s right – cards. – The Famous F3 deck of death as it has come to be known. I decided to go with the standard game. Each card represents an exercise with a number: number cards + 10 = rep count / face cards = 25 reps.  Wouldn’t you know it? We drew a burpee card! Among other cards drawn: monkey humpers, incline merkins, werkins, merkins, jumping lunges, back ward lunges and plenty of running towards the end. Now, what’s great about these cards is they are waterproof. What they DON’T tell you is the package that holds the cards is NOT. FYI. We continued through the rain drawing cards and listening to classic rock along the way until it was time to mosey back to the flag for one round of mary before COT.


Prayers for Sprocket as he begins navigating the next chapter of his career. Prayers for Sprocket’s daughter and her wisdom teeth surgery.

Prayers for Smackdown as he is interviews with Rusty’s company.

Continued Prayers for all of us and our nation during these challenging times in our great country.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Hey, I don’t think I made Brutus run unnecessarily.

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