AO: The Galaxy

When: 08/13/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (7): Sparky, Tweaker, Steamer, Fondue Guy, Cha Ching and Shneaky



Warmup IC:

9x A bagodas

10x Moroccan night clubs

11x Toy Soldiers

12x weed pickers

13x hillbillies

14x something else, I cant remember

mosey to upper parking lot

The Thang:


50 STH
20 Tuck jumps
50 high knees
20 butt kicks
50 skaters
20 burpees
50 Mtn climbers
20 Freddy mercuries
50 shoulder press
20 squats
50 hillbillies
20 merkins
Plank for the 6

repeat 3x, then just the 50x’s and mosey to flag


students and teachers
Doobie’s GF diagnosis
Papa Mike and Shirley
recovery for Amanda, Wilson’s niece, Fondue guy’s MIL/SIL, steamers friend and Boyd

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