The Godfather Part 2

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/03/2020

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (6): Aflac, GOAT, Foley, Switch, Squeegee


Having previously pulled a Q switcheroo with Squeegee and waiting until the absolute last minute to plan something, I started digging around in past BBs and then remembered what may have been the toughest beatdown I could recall. When our own Godfather/No-Beam/Uno/I-Beam turned the ripe old age of 32 he decided to inflict some major misery with the Wreck’s first 0.0. Why not resurrect that? Although I will admit pulling into the parking lot I considered bailing for a Knoll Woods jaunt.


Light crowd for a Wreck Friday. We moseyed about 20 feet over to the pavilion for some SSH, Imperial Walkers and Weed Pickers. Then it was time to get to business.




The Thang:

BOMBS: Burpees, Overhead Presses, Merkins, Big Boy Situps, Squats

Round 1: 32 of each, plank for the 6. 32 flutters. (I believe it was somewhere in the middle of this round that I wondered how to get out of this mess I’ve gotten us into)

Round 2: 24 of each, plank for 6; 32 Freddy Mercurys

Round 3: 16 of each; plank for the 6; 32 LBCs

Round 4: 8 of each; plank for the 6; 32 American Hammers

Time to go back up

Round 5: 16 of each, plank for the 6; 32 Dollys

Round 6: 24 of each, plank for the 6; 32 Flutters

Round 7: 32 of each; plank for the 6; no time for any Mary


Crazy Love after.

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