The Nightmare After Christmas

AO: The Galaxy

When: 12/27/2018

QIC: Wideright

PAX (): Yahtzee, Boggle, Sparky, Blue, Off-Shore (Richmond Visitor) and Wideright

Wideright treated the PAX, 6 strong, to a fun post Christmas beatdown.

Disclaimer, then Mosey around the field, warm up (13x each of SSH IC, Weed Picker IC, Hillbilly IC and Toy Soldier IC)

Nightmare After Christmas: 4 corners with a twist

Actual footage of Wideright describing the BD…








Corner 1- 10x Burpees.  Corner 2 – 10x burpees and 20x merkins, Corner 3 – 10x burpees, 20x merkins and 30x squats, Corner 4 – 10x Burpees, 20x merkins, 30x squats and 40x Wide merkins.  Then back to corner 3,2 1

Before each corner we ran up the stairs to upper lot and then around to Flag and then the correct corner.  Waited for the 6 at the pavilion in air chair.  20x dips and 13x American hammers IC.  Mosey around the field to the Flag (still in Chelsea’s trunk)

Mary: LBC flutters, dying cockroach, Alabama prom dates, Freddy Mercury, Large Letter Alphabet, V ups, J Los, Imperial walkers and 1 more I cant remember

1x final lap around the field to the flag

Mad Props for posting for @OffShore, who is a visiting PAX from Richmond.

COT- prayers for Secret and his job hunt, Chelsea to heal and to those traveling

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