12 Pains of Christmas

AO: The Hooch

When: 12/24/2018

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Pellets, Swagger, Piggy, Boomer, Sunshine, El Matador, Feathers, Tebow, Stroller, Flo, Pi (FNG), Saint2O, Pitstop, Miller Time, Ready Mix, Tigger, Meatball, Zohan, Jimbo, Buttkiss, Splinter, Mufasa, Popper, Fingers (FNG), Tightrope, Scrooge

YHC planned to get this BB out Christmas Eve, but there wasn’t much time…  Apologies for the delay.  Better late than never…

YHC took the Christmas Eve Q a few weeks back knowing there would be some great opportunities for pain and some 2nd F fellowship.  The turnout didn’t disappoint and YHC was honored to lead it.  The ideas were dancing in YHC’s head for the past couple weeks until I finally settled on a good plan, which was then modified again at the last minute after I did some math.  Either way, it was a great morning and an excellent way to start off Christmas Eve.

WARM UP – Popper Q
Mosey around the PL and circle up short of the usual meeting spot.  With 27PAX there wasn’t enough space by the cars so we stopped short.  Popper had things figured out and got us going with some SSH, Hillbilly’s and some burpees.  Once he finished, YHC took over.

Before we moseyed on out of the PL, we needed to kick things off correctly in honor of December 25th – no better way to do that than starting off with 12 burpees and 25 HRMs, all while listening to a little Andy Williams “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”   After we finished, YHC grabbed his colored-light ruck sack (with speaker inside) and we headed off to the PC track.  The PAX got pretty spread out so we paused mid-mosey for some merkins while we waited for the tail and arrived at the track.

YHC had swung by the track earlier and setup the 12 pains of Christmas reference board.  It was quite simple, most AOs do this with increasing reps, but with Scrooge holding the keys (and an hour vs. 45 min)  it was going to be a little more painful.  So instead of the usual 12 days of Christmas pattern, we did 12 reps of every exercise and finished with a lap – all while listening to some choice Christmas music to keep everyone in the spirit.  Here’s the list:

  1. Lap around the track (1/8 mile)
  2. 12 Star Jumps
  3. 12 Gas Pumpers
  4. 12 Plank Jacks
  5. 12 Diamond Merkins
  6. 12 LBCs
  7. 12 SSH
  8. 12 Wide Merkins
  9. 12 American Hammers (2-count)
  10. 12 Squats
  11. 12 Big Boys
  12. 12 Burpees

So, we started with a lap, then 12 star jumps and another lap, then 12 GP, 12 Star jumps and another lap and so on…  all the way to 12 burpees.  The moans coming from the PAX mid-list were almost better than the Christmas music.  Total exercise rep count per PAX 792 reps, plus various burpees and merkins along the way bringing the morning total to around 1,000 factoring in Mary.

We headed back, again stopping for the tail and had just enough time for a little treat before the eggnogteria…  YHC decided we hadn’t done enough merkins or burpees yet, so we did a merkin/burpee combo to Bobby Helm’s Jingle Bell Rock.  Basically, you’re doing merkins the whole time and when he says “Jingle” you do a burpee…  In practice, we basically just did burpees the whole time.  But it was a great ending.


We finished it up with 25 LBCs and LBC flutters and something else I can’t remember…


Prayers for Kirk S, brothers and family traveling and those who’ve been sick, YHC included.

It was a great fun and an honor to lead these brothers this time of year and YHC was humbled at the turnout – a new Hooch record and 27 PAX!


To close everything out, YHC brought a vat of his special homemade eggnog for all PAX to enjoy and there wasn’t much left…  Glad you guys enjoyed it!

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