Deck Of Death With Jokers Wild Fa LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa

AO: The Galaxy

When: 12/18/2018

QIC: Yahtzee

PAX (): Tweaker, Turbine, Blue, Wide Right, Cha Ching, Percy, Sparky

YHC pulled in early making sure not to miss the Q start time, soon after the clown car showed up so YHC knew we had at least 5 this AM.

YHC did not have a watch to keep time, shout out to Blue who gave a time update every minute until starting time. 5:15 rolled around with 8 PAX for a nice winter beat down.

The Warm Up

One lap around the park followed by:

  • 15 side straddle hops
  • 15 hillbillies
  • 15 goofballs (mountain climbers where hands follow feet)

The Thang

YHC put the fate of the work out into the Deck of Death. The suits where as follows:

  • Hearts – Merkins (90 reps)
  • Clubs – Bonnie Blairs (90 reps)
  • Spades – Sumo Squats (90 reps)
  • Diamonds – Burpees (90 reps)
  • ACES – Lap around the park (1/3 mile)
  • Jokers – WILD (Both grabbed by Turbine) (20 lbc flutter kicks and 40 american hammers)

The PAX motivation was on fire today playing with Death as if they had nothing to loose. The ACES were a nice touch to keep the PAX moving this chilly AM.  We made it through the deck by 6:13 enough time for YHC to reshuffle and pull one last card. PAX (as well as YHC) was thrilled to see a 6 of clubs. We did the final reps and then MARY until 6:15. YEEYEE



  • Chelsea foot recovering
  • Secret job hunt
  • Holiday safety

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