The Challenges of Running Backwards

AO: The Hooch

When: 12/17/2018

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Popper, Sunshine, Ready Mix, Scrooge, MeadowLark, Splinter, Sneakers, Meatball, BallBoy, Homer, Piggy, Saint 2.0, Jimbo, Zohan, Tigger, Feathers

YHC was privileged to lead 19 PAX to the school and back.  Our usual spot was taped off for striping (maybe?), but no worries.  We faced “The Cr” for warmups:

Mosey around the lot and warmup with Weed Pickers, HIllBilly’s, and SSH’s.  We started the mosey to the school and stopped 3 times for 10 merkins each.  YHC was a little nervous about getting 19 across the highway, but fortunately the traffic’s light this time of year.

This was supposed to be not too much running, but the Apple Watch says it was.  11’s to the top of the hill with Squats and Reverse LBC’s, stopping halfway for 5 Merks each trip.  The twist was Bernie Sanders up the hill, and it was such a big hit!  All those HIMs backing up the hill was a little edgy, we only had 1 trip and fall though.  LBC’s Flutter Kick’s, and American Hammers for the six.  Round 2 was dialed back to Bonnie Blair’s and Diamond Merkins, with no Bernie’s or Merks in between.  YHC called it early to have plenty of time for getting back.

Stopping on the way for BTTW’s showed some impressive skills by Jimbo and Boomer.  As usual, Boomer outlasted – but it was close!  We made it back only slightly late.

Great job working hard today!  Popper’s at 3 months and holding his own.  It was great to see new faces as the familiar ones as well.  Prayers for Feather’s tough day, and week.  Please remember to pray for Kirk Stephens and family as they will soon be going to chemo again.  2nd F at Boomer’s house on Friday, and a 1 hour beatdown on Monday with a VQ warmup.

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