Black Ice, tired legs and burpees

AO: The Rubicon

When: 12/11/2018

QIC: Scar

PAX (): Devito, Miller Time, Kruger, Flutey Flakes (New Hampshire F3 Mustard Seeds), Pitstop, Stiffler, Pellets, Scar, Bo-knows, Turbine

So the overnight forecast called for Black Ice, frigid temperatures and impending doom. 8 brave souls came out to Rubicon and found dry weather and 37 degrees. F3 Mustard seeds Flutie Flakes was in town on business and sought out some early morning beat-down.

Quick disclaimer and we were off.

The Warmup – Circle up

15 SSH

12 Windmills

12 Weedpickers

The Thang

Partner up, Partner 1 sprints length of parking lot while partner 2 does AMRAP, switch and repeat – plank jacks, squats, merkins, mountain climbers, LBC’s and burpees.

By this time everyone was warmed up and Miller time’s legs had woken up.

Mosey to field of dreams via the rock pile. Coupon was made for exercise and carrying. Started with 20 of each and lunge walk with coupon between bases.

Home Plate – curls

1st Base – squats

2nd Base – shoulder press

3rd Base – skull crushers

Home Plate – man-maker’s

Rinse and repeat with 10 of each and cusack between the bases.

There was just enough time left for the obligatory 6 minutes of Mary – flutter kicks, Freddy Mercuries, dying cockroach, v-ups, buzz saw, merkins and box cutters.


Prayers for Spandex’s M who is in hospital, prayers for Pitsop and the job search and continued prayers for all that we have in our lives.

Thank you Rubicon for letting me Q, always an honor to come back to my F3 roots.


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