Jericho in the Gloom

8 pax showed up for

“Jericho in the gloom”


Warm up mosey the wrong way around the park. Circled up for

-15 SSH

-15 weed pickers

-15 wind mills

And one more because it was extra cold this morning

-15 hillbillies

The Thang

Grab a coupon

Walls of Jericho

1 – 7 Bigboys with coupon

run a lap around the park

Wall sit for the 6

2 – 7 curls


Plank for the 6

3 – 7 Bonny Blair’s (dbl count) with coupon


Freddie Mercury for the 6

4 – 7 skull crushers


Squats for the 6

5 – 7 derkins


American hammers for the 6

6 – 7 wood choppers each side


Dying cockroach for the 6

7 – 7 burpons (burpees on your coupons)


LBC for the 6

Next up was 2 rounds of Morning call. Sticking with the “7” theme. 

7 pull-up (modification-jump squats) to 7 merkins. Round 2 had 7 leg lifts for 7 pull ups (shout out to Turbine, Yahtzee and Boggle for busting out 14)

Mosey back to the front for a round of Mary’s 

Hats off to WideRight, Turbine, Yahtzee, Boggle, Blue, BabyFace, Tweaker for coming out in 27 Deg weather.


Prayers for Chelsea’s foot and Sprinkle (pneumonia) to heal and get back to the BDs. 

YIS Sparky

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