Bernie’s Running Again!

Ready-mix, Meatball, Flo, Tigger, Popper, Meadowlark, Piggy, Ball Boy, Jimbo, Sunshine, Boomer, Sneakers, El Matador, Griswold, Sain2o, Scrooge

QIC: Scrooge

Mosey to Hurricane’s (all IC):

  1. SSH
  2. Weed Picker
  3. Squat
  4. SSH – YHC was cold

Mosey to the PC hill for a little Dora

  1. 100 Hand release merkins
  2. 200 V-Ups
  3. 300 Squats

Partner 1 Bernie Sanders up the hill and mosey around the side to relieve partner 2 and flap jack.  The quads were burning pretty quick on the steep hill.  This Dora took a while with the HRMs and V-Ups.

After we wrapped up, mosey to the PCS playground for some burpups.  With 16 PAX, we had to split into two groups.  Group 1 did 20 HRMs and sprint to a light post in the PL, while group 2 did 10 burpups and sprinted to the same post.  Then flap jack.  Due to time, we only did 1 round each, but YHC had more to do!

Started our Mosey back and threw in a few audibles along the way, more Bernie Sanders, bear crawls and a few Merkins to wait to wait for the six until we got back to Hurricanes.  The PAX thought I was lining them up for trademark Scroogicides, but YHC decided to switch it up.  We ended up running back to the flag and every PL line, alternating doing 5 burpees and 5 merkins.  By the time we were done, the PAX finished strong but it was a good workout.


  1. Dying Cockroach
  2. Flutter Kick
  3. I think there was a third, but my brain was foggy Monday morning.


Prayers for Griswold’s neice’s mom, Boomer’s family and our brother battling cancer.

Always honored to Q and lead these brothers.  No matter how I feel, they always push me.

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