Four Course Meal Offered to Hangry PAX

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/04/2018

QIC: Viking

PAX (): Puddle Jumper, Moonshine, Sox, Tebow, Postal (RESPECT), Laces, Floppy, Skid, Shrinkage, Blackbox, Delicious, Brownie, Spandex (RESPECT), Grasshopper, Scar, Mufasa (RESPECT), Kegger

You know it. We have all been there. We all have that Aunt Susie who scolded us on Thanksgiving for trying to use a paper plate to eat our pumpkin pie and pecan pie. “Use this nice china instead! It’s been in the family for six generations!” You reluctantly listen to Aunt Susie  until she walks away, when you simultaneously go back to the paper plate to fulfill your glutenous passions.

Well there was no Aunt Susie around East Roswell Park on Tuesday morning as YHC rolled into the parking lot with a fresh package of 58 Dixie paper plates (why 58 in a package? Why not make it a rounded number like 60?!) still wrapped in plastic.  Viking wanted to spice things up by introducing a  different Coupon to the Gladiator PAX, and under the instruction of Sir Sprocket of The Wreck, the plan was established late Monday night. Viking threw some bait out on Slack and Facebook, promising a Four Course Meal; no doubt, many of the PAX went to bed dreaming of pancakes, eggs, bacon and grits.  Unfortunately for them, each course would only consist of pain.

YHC eagerly handed out 2 paper plates to each PAX, who undoubtedly thought to themselves “This is silly; I should have smart-sacked.” But to their credit, no one got back in their car, and although The Co-Q was not there today, the BD began:


YHC started out the PAX with some moseying, SSH, Toy Soldiers, Sun God’s sobriety style (new favorite), Mountain Climbers, and Merkins. Another mosey to the pavilion led us to do various reps/rounds of step-ups, dips, and leg raises (with the paper plates clinched between the feet). It was already 5:30 and the PAX (led by Scar) began to mutiny, asking where their hot cakes were. “Ok, let’s mosey to where the food is, I’m hungry too…” YHC belted. YHC mercilessly grew the appetites of the PAX for ACTUAL food… and there is nothing worse than a hangry PAX.


We moseyed back to the soccer field penalty box where the Four Course Meal was finally served on each corner:

Course 1 – 10 Burpees w/o jumping (feet on plates)
Course 2 – 15 Around the Worlds (feet on plates)
Course 3 – 20 Mountain Climbers (feet on plates)
Course 4 – 25 Big Boi Situps (feet between knees; touch elbow to knee)

Each PAX channeled their inner NBA potential by lunge walking the long ends of the penalty box while working on their between-the-legs crossover (using the paper plates; not a basketball). The sucky part came on the short ends of the penalty box, where the PAX had to alligator crawl (plank position, feet on plates, keep legs stiff, and crawl using your shoulders/arms) from one course to the next.

Rinse and Repeat:

Course 1 – 15 Catalina Wine Mixers (feet on plates)
Course 2 – 20 Plank Jacks (feet on plates)
Course 3 – 25 Squats (plates balanced on head)
Course 4 – 30 Dying Cockroaches (plates clinched between feet)

We did some various Mary on The Pitch (shoutout to Manchester) until the Six was in, then we moseyed back to the flag for 4 Minutes of Mary.

My memory is fading me (should have posted this sooner; I apologize!), but prayer was given for various family members who are dealing with sickness, death, and other trials.

No Longer Bound – thanks to the PAX who donated gift cards, toiletries, books, suitcases, etc. for the men at No Longer Bound. We are gathering these items to donate to some of the men at NLB, to be a blessing to them. If anyone is interested in posting at Caney Creek on Wednesday, December 12th, we may give these items to them then.


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