M.T Revised MARSOC/RECON short card

AO: Rubicon

When: 03/29/2018


PAX (): NoSeeUm (Tampa/ex Alpha), DC2, HaHa, Zima, Devito, SpecialK, Mayham, Bayside, Jackelope, Blue Steel, Lumberg, Scar, Spandex, Cookie, Nacho, M.T.

A lively 16 posted this AM without need for long sleeves.  A quick improv disclaimer and off we went around the park perimeter to the lighted parking lot.  Some quick warm ups to stretch and out came the big Winke.

On special today was the MARSOC Short card but having done this a few times now, YHC naturally had to make some revisions.  The problem is it’s just not quite challenging enough.  No need to do chain brakers or cherry pickers so we did Pike pushups and more Burpees.  We also did more reps and 4 counts on many items.  At the midpoint we ran to the top of peanut hill and back down to get some needed cardio.  In fairness, we skipped the pull ups at the end because of nagging upper back pain with the Q.

On to Gritts Pavilion for Dips, Leg Raises and two rounds of 45 second BTTW.  No time left for MARY but we got plenty on the card today.

*Prayers for Special K’s family and specifically his mom as they struggle with the passing of his dad a year ago.
*Another Ragnar coming up – see HaHa for details
*F3 Dads camp for 2.0’s sign up this week

*Nice to have DC2, the original Co-Q back in the mix correctly form
*Got close to seeing NoSeeUm spill Merlot.  Touch and go but he held it in
*Our very young lad Bayside posting with his cool new rugby shorts to help keep dad motivated and drop our average age!
*Safe travels to those heading on spring break!

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  1. Bayside and I average out to normal group age.

    Point of clarification: The Blue Ridge Relay is a 200 road relay with 12 guys but is not a “Ragnar” branded race.


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