And the Rain and the Pain Stopped

AO: Fire Swamp

When: 03/19/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Olaf, Ha-ha

At 0500 when the rain was pounding on my roof and I was warm in the fart sack I had to make a decision.  The Daily Red Pill won and I got my butt to the Fire Swamp AO,  And the rain stopped.  Soon after I arrived Olaf arrived as well with Oakley the 40 lb ball of puppy fluff. With leash and headlights in place we took off down the trail for the Greenway.

Now, YHC has bee fighting off an IT band issue so we it was decided to take it easy with some walk breaks and see if I could hold it together for an hour. The rain and the pain held off as we took the southern direction under GA 400 and returned. One day we will see the Greenway dry again.  Today was not that day.

Good conversation and company.  Oakley is getting the hang of this running thing.  I think Olaf and I are catching on as well.


Continued healing for Olaf’s wrist and my IT band

Dirty Spokes 4 or 2 mile run Saturday night.  F3 is setting up an info table to talk to sad clowns.


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