Field of Dreams – Yogi VQ

AO: The Kodiak

When: 03/07/2018

QIC: Yogi

PAX (): Hombre, Whiz, Dory, Wham-O, Legionaire, Bloodhound, Babyface, Tiny, Floppy, Manning, The Mole, Cricket, Banjo, Thumper, Offsides (FNG), Woody, Primo, Voodo, Crowbar (FNG), Natty Light, Misty, C4, Finkel, Frenchy, Harp, Aquaman, Yogi

QIC – Yogi (VQ)

Tis the season and Spring is on the horizon.  The smell of popcorn (and at times The Moles crop dusting after a night of nachos), a freshly oiled up leather mitt and America’s pastime is in the air.  Break out your mitts and dust off your cleats boys, it’s Spring Training time.

Strong numbers this morning at the Kodiak.  Twenty-seven Pax made it out the gloom to support a Yogi VQ.  Two FNG’s (Offsides & Crowbar), which I believe were a result of hard recruiting from Homeboy last week.  Homeboy’s and The Moles recruits are hitting it hard out of the gate, word on the street is that several have posted three straight days and are aiming for four.  Good work men!

The absence of Lawdog was very evident when it came to naming the FNG’s in the COT, as I just couldn’t compete with his quick humor at 6:15 AM in the morning.  They definitely got away on the easy side.


  • Mosey
  • SSH x 15x IC
  • Cotton Picker x 10 x IC
  • Imperial Walker x 10 x IC
  • Sun Gods OYO
  • Mosey

The Thang

  • Field of Dreams – Baseball Diamond in parking lot with cones. Counted off in groups of 4.

1s started at First Base (1st cone) did AMRAP Squats until relieved. 2s at Second Base (2nd cone) did AMRAP Mercans until relieved. 3s at Third Base (3rd cone) did AMRAP LBC’s until relieved. 4s at Home Plate (4th cone) performed 10 Burpees then ran to First, relieving the Pax there. Continued until all Pax had touched all bases and done the Burpees.  Completed four (4) rounds of this totaling 16 runs scored and roughly 25 minutes of various exercise. Modified to Plank Jacks on rounds 3 & 4 @ 2B.

  • Ascending Crawl – Located PAX on curbed street near bus lanes. Starting position Bear Crawl facing opposite curb. BC to other curb, turn & place feet near curb and perform 2 monkey humpers, repeat BC to other curb and increase monkey humpers to 4. Repeat increasing MH’s by 2 each round for 5 minutes.
  • Indian Run – Two lines for Indian Run around bus lane loop and back to the flag.


  • Flutter Kicks x 20 led by Blood Hound
  • J LO x 20 led by C4
  • The Manning Special x 10 led by Manning
  • Crunchy Frog x 10 led by Wham-O


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Prayers & Announcements

  • Legionaire is looking for one more brave soul to RSVP for indoor skydiving on Friday night.

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