Blue MAN Group

The Pax:

Hooch, Legionnaire, Homeboy, Tiny, Papa John, Thrasher, Fud, Wiggum, Spaceballs, Fleetwood, Lawdog, Ricky Bobby, Manning, Crickett, Baywatch, Prem-O (FNG)…who prematurely attempted to name himself during the Name-O-Rama! He was then dubbed accordingly.



I was given the keys to the family car this morning…proudly holding my learners permit! After some coaching from Manning, YHC led through my “pre VQ” in what turned out to be a tour of the entire MS and HS. Spitting rain kept the frogs and Legionnaire happy, as the Pax ran a total of nearly 3 miles. After missing a few turns, YHC got the Pax back in one piece and avoided taking home the FUBAR shovel on day one.

It was an honor to lead 17 HIM’s through this mornings beatdown!


– Mosey to the back of the MS

– SSH x 10 x IC

– Cotton Pickers x 10 x IC

– Hillbillies x 10 x IC

– Indian Run to the HS bus lot

The Thang:

Bus Parking Space Suicides

– Starting in parking spot 1, run to 18 and back, 17 and back, 16 and back…all the way to 1 with a few mile markers along the way.

– At spot 10, stop and perform 100 SSH’s

– At spot 5, stop and perform 50 Merkins

– At spot 1, stop and perform 100 LBC’s (now affectionately known as “little boy crunches”)

– Pax competed a round of Legionairre’s infamous Iron Crosses as they waited on the six

– Mosey to the Hill of Pain

Partner Hill of Pain

– 10 minute AMRAP. Partners ran up and down the HoP completing 5 Brokins at the top and 5 Bropees at the bottom.

– Mosey back to the flag


– Pax is considering a way to support Caden Cherry–a local 11-year old boy who was saved from cardiac arrest via AED–by donating a unit to a local park.

– 2nd F even this Friday at iFly (indoor skydiving)

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