Devil’s Dora-feel the burn!!

AO: The Firehouse

When: 03/06/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Wham-o, Skynyrd, Beans, Knob, Howser, Lego, Reuben, Dash

What happened to the rain??? YHC didn’t know what to expect this morning, so i had two beatdowns prepared just in case it was pouring. God was smiling down, because we were allowed to do Dash’s epic beatdown part deaux! i can assure you that nobody else was smiling;). All in good fun, we’re not gaining if we’re not grinding!!


Let’s Mosey!

We took the scenic route to the AO’s self proclaimed Stone Henge! Not without doing a little carioca left side, then right side on the way!!



Goofball x 15 IC

Crab Humpers x 15 IC

Dancing Bears x 15 IC

Finkle Swings(each leg) x 10 IC


Then we Mosied back to the parking lot while stopping two times to introduce the PAX to the Dragon Walk, first time from sign to sign and second time we did a 10 count IC.

A quick stop before we made it back to the starting point:

Partner up for 2 sets of:

10 Patty Cake Merkins

10 Gas Pumps

Mosey to the truck to get a girlfriend!


The Thang:

DORA(with the 40 lb. GF’s)- while partner ran increasing interval distances until they reached the end of the parking lot

  • 100 Curls
  • 200 Swings(between the legs)
  • 300 Squat Press

No time for Mary



Announcement about new AO starting on March 17 “The Zoo”

  • Prayers for family and friends of Wham-o’s friend that passed away
  • Prayers for Dash’s wife as relates to her job

Coffeeteria with the picnic basket(hands off Yogi)




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