Groiners and Diaphragms

AO: Widowmaker

When: 03/03/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): boomer, devito, moonshine, zohan, saint 20, crack, nacho, simba

Another cold one at the widowmaker this morning. After YHC and 5 other PAX warmed up with an hour long 3.65mi Ruck, we departed the lot @ 0700 sharp to give the extras we picked up for the BD a warmup of their own. Crack came in on 2 wheels (not really) as we were about to disappear into the woods, so we performed SSH till he joined in. Onward we go, with a full compliment of 9 PAX.

We mosey’d the trail system for a good bit then paused to gather the six, performed some hover merkins, then continued the run all the way to King’s Court .

Here’s what we did from that point on…

Merkin/Groiner pyramid 1:1 up to 5:5, then back down to 1:1 again. A groiner starts with the PAX in the merkin position and thrusting your feet forward to the outside of your hands then thrusting back into the merkin position. Perform the pyramid: 1 merkin, 1 groiner, then 2:2, and so on…Follow that with a  bear crawl to the center of the field for 5 burpees, bear crawl to the far end and repeat the pyramid. Return to the starting point the same way you got down there. Thoroughly gassed by this combination, and some PAX suffering frostbite on their hands from ground frozen overnight, we were delighted to see our watches indicate things were only getting started.

Next we mosey’d the long way around using the trail system to the bottom of the widowmaker hill.

Partner up for a one-on-one all out race to the manhole cover, then alternate wheelbarrows all the way to the summit. YHC hadn’t fully recovered from the pyramids yet, then gave his right kidney to try unsuccessfully to overtake boomer in the race, so when the wheelbarrows began, my diaphragm gave out. I found myself sucking wind painfully on the side of the road for a full two minutes to recover. With all PAX safely at the top, we gave a 10 count

Time to mosey some more. Head with the traffic to the stairs at the exit of the park for partner carries. Everyone carried a PAX 1x up. It was unanimously agreed upon that crack and nacho made the cutest partners together. They were also the only pair to elect the fireman carry while all others chose the humpback. Not suggesting one is better than the other, I’m just simply stating the facts here.

Continue the last leg of the mosey on the trail system to the bathroom structure for a good old fashioned BTTW comp. One of YHC’s nemesis through the years in this event has been nacho. He’s nearly unstoppable, but he took it easy on me today, and I took that as a rare personal victory not realizing devito  had something to say about the result – YHC came down, devito takes todays BTTW trophy.

Next, head down into the field for an indian warm-down run followed by 3 MOM.

All in all, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5mi ran in the BD today. Great work by all PAX. I just want to say thanks for those leading the gazelles in constant activity while waiting on the six – it’s great having veterans who see a need and fill that need without being prompted

Moonshine volunteered to pray us out – thank you moonshine for the beautiful words – it was a nice conclusion to the fun we all had together





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