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When: 03/02/2018


PAX (): Saint2O, theDAB, Boomer, Piggy, Simba, Scrooge, Jimbo

8 PAX put a big ole’ bow on the Hooch this week with a 0.0 extravaganza.  Almost every PAX brought something extra to this #beatdown.  Literally.  YHC had everyone on the hooch twitter board bring some sort of weight.  We had dumbells, kettlebells, plates, rucks, sandbags, resistance bands, “sliders”, and a medicine ball.  It was like show and tell, but not really.  It was more like lift and grunt, set to a kick-butt playlist or a choose your own adventure book for middle aged dudes.   If you haven’t joined us on a Friday, then please be our guest.  BYOW.

I’ll admit we had a shaky start.  13 burpees as a warm-up b/c old glory hit the dirt.  My bad, that mulch didn’t hold.

Here’s what we did with the stuff we brought:

We set all of the items we brought in a defined area, there was a pull-up station about 25 yards away, and there was a track about 100 yards away.

  • YHC set the ground rules…15 reps of your choosing (total or 15 each side depending on the exercise) with any of the items in the pile.
  • Option A. Travel over to the pull-up station and do as many pull-ups as you can.  You must travel over in a different way each time (bear crawl, lung walk, high knee, alligator crawl, crab walk, etc.).  Mosey back to the weight station and do something else with something else.  Note: eventually switched to leg raises at the pull-up station
  • Option B. Regular mosey around the track and back to the weight station to do something else with something else.

At the weight station PAX were really showing out with weighted merkins, ball slams, pop-squats, dumbbell swings, military presses, weighted step-ups, bench presses, lunges, squats, curls, flys, skull crushers American hammers, rows, Turkish get ups, and more.  Look around try something new and use good form was the name of the game.  Mufasa would have been proud.

3 MOM…minutes of mary became minutes of Moby b/c Saint mentioned he had never heard “the sally song”.  We fixed that problem with some leg raising and lowering along with our poor friend sally.

COT: Prayers for the Stephens family.  Looks like they have had some set backs in Kurt’s treatment.  Prayers of praise for the Sojourn and Transit ministries, glad to have some leadership there be leadership in F3 too.  Prayers for those that had to miss that are healing up.  Lord, we need you.

Honored to lead,



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