Sand Babies Please

When: 06/26/17

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Hombre, El Nino (FNG), Homeboy, Toolman, Cricket, Jimbo, Natty Lite, Banjo, Manning, C4, Bloodhound, Buckeye, The Mule, Westside, BabyFace, Law Dog

YHC was excited to lead the beatdown this morning in the gloom as it is my last time as quarterly Q. Next Monday the reigns are passed to another, just as it should be. As the last quarterly Q, YHC thought what have I not done as Q? Sand Babies! So yesterday the following exchange took place on the Cherokee Watercooler:

LawDog “If it is not to much trouble it would really help out my Q tomorrow if some sand babies posted.”

BabyFace responded “How many babies do you need?”

(editor’s note…removed the exchange between Cricket and Babyface about baby makin’.)

LawDog, “How ever many you brought last time should be fine.”

Clearly this Pax likes sand babies because even with such a direct warning on the twitter, 15 Pax took the DRP and posted in the gloom ready to work.

5:30 sharp mosey around the parking lot with high heels, high knees, side steps and backwards running oh wait we now have 16 Pax with a FNG so gave the disclosure. Warm-up, Hillbillies, cotton pickers and squats somewhere around 15 reps IC each.

Mosey to the track after stopping to pick up our sand babies for the Thang.

First up – Escalator Mile.

10 Merkins – run a lap

10 merkins, 20 curls with Sand babies – run a lap

10 merkins, 20 curls, 30 American Hammers – run a lap

10 merkins, 20 curls, 30 American Hammers, 40 squats – run a lap.

Plank for the 6.

YHC intended to make it a 5 K with a variety of exercises involving Sand Babies. Could the Pax keep it close to a 10 minute mile pace? But alas, an old calf injury flared up so YHC called an audible. Maybe next time.

Next up a Sand baby relay. With 16 Pax, we divided into to relay teams of 8. For each team, 4 pax line up on the track with 2 sand babies while 4 Pax line up about 75 meters away with 2 Sand Babies. First person in Line air chairs with a sand baby. Second in Line holds a Zamperini with a sand baby. Third person does flutter kicks. Fourth person does plank jacks. Pax in the front runs the 75 meters with the sand baby to the other side and takes over the plank jacks while everyone shifts forward on spot. Continue moving the sand babies back and forth until all pax cycled through completely twice. Switch plank jacks for mountain climers and flutters for LBCs. Contine running sand babies back and fourth for two more cycles. All told, each pax ran the sand babies 75 meters 8 times.

Mosey back to the flag to deposit the sand babies in Bloodhounds truck. In time for some marys. Dollys, box cutter, flutters, and LBCs. All in cadence lead by YHC, Banjo, Bloodhound, and Homeboy.

Name-O-Rama = 16 pax. Welcome El Nino


  • Continued prayers for Cheech’s family, F3 Lexington, F3 Nation and the woman involved in the accident.
  • Prayers for safe travels for all Pax traveling for the 4th of July.
  • Continued prayers for Cricket and his M and family. 2.0 # 4 is due to post any day now. Last Thursday was the due date.


  • 3rd F 4 week bible study following Wednesday beat-down’s for the month of July. We will be looking at the sadclown profit, Jonah.
  • 2nd F on July 14th at Natty Lite’s Haus.
  • Welcome FNG El Nino. Sometimes it takes the Pax a little time to name an FNG. Several Pax provide options and it is hard to choose one. Not with El Nino. Before he finished explaining he was a college student in Nashville, Banjo suggested El Nino because he is Hombre’s 21 year old nephew. YHC and Pax thought it was perfect. No further discussion needed.
  • Great work from the guys in front on the escalator mile, Banjo, C4, Baby face, etc. YHC saw them rounding turn number 3 and coming in hot while starting my squats and I had to get moving not to get lapped.
  • Not sure who started it, but some where in the middle of the sand baby exchange, the Pax stopped running and started sprinting. Banjo’s legs were a blur and Westside moved liked a freight train coming down the track.
  • If you were wondering why F3 is more than a work out, recent events this year speak volumes. I never knew Cheech or Papa Smurf. I couldn’t understand why their passing affected me as much as it did until I read a post by UncleBuck (another I have never met)  Continue inviting friends, co-workers, neighbors and random men you pass in the gloom. You will never know what life on this big ball has in store for you or another. Whatever it is…F3 will be there.

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