Round and Round We Go

When: 6/26/17

QIC: Foghorn, Miller Time

PAX (): Gearhead, Rooney, Deliverance, Krystal, Miller Time, Smackdown, Aflac, Swingstate, Doogie, Turbine, Caffeine, Bear, Grease Monkey, Fore, I-Beam, Hat Trick, Patch, Booter, Double D, Rollup, Sprocket, Bayside, Jackelope, Bronco, Bird Dog, Crab Legs, Moped, Thumper, Foghorn, Dinghy (FNG), Flop (FNG), Chelsea (FNG)

33 PAX, which included 3 FNGs and 1 visitor from the Carolinas, stepped into the gloom this morning.. and what a morning! Breezy and clear, the PAX was ready to sweat. YHC was on tap for the Q, but Miller Time showed up with a grin and something special on his mind, and YHC didn’t have the heart to tell him no, so we turned this beating into a co-Q.


Introduced the PAX to Sally! Brought it up, took it back down.. lots of groans and chatter on this one. And now that song will be in your brain all day. You’re welcome.

A quick intro to the 3 unlucky FNGs in the group, then we moseyed to the small lake on the north side of the park, for a Miller Time special.

Partner up for a DORA variation. Partner 1 runs the perimeter of the lake in one direction while partner 2 completes the following exercise, then runs in the opposite direction. When Partner 1 and 2 meet, Partner 1 stops and completes.. keep moving until finished.

Burpees, in sets of 15.
Merkins, in sets of 30.
LBC, in sets of 40.

Flutter Kicks, Squats, Copperhead Squats while waiting for the six.

Quick mosey to the flag for some MARY.

Shoulder Taps x 20
Side Planks x 10 (both sides)
Mokhtar N’Jayes (sp?) x 20

Circle of Trust

Prayers for Bear’s upcoming travels to meet new family! God speed! General praise for life and this planet God has provided.


  • Miller Time brought a tough routine around the lake. I get the feeling that guy enjoys hurting people??
  • Bear voiced some envy that a PAX incorporated the lake before he had a chance to take the Q. That spot is ripe for many future workouts!
  • I-Beam earning bonus points (again) with the weighted vest. My vote is for the PAX to be required to take turns with the vest at his next Q. What a stud.
  • Swing State in town from Lake Norman to see what Roswell was all about. YHC had the honor of being his partner. Good to have you brother, hope you make it back sometime!
  • Aflac with some thoughts on starting an Alpha trail run at the trails off Oxbo. He’s the man to lead it!
  • Gearhead holding YHC accountable through the run.. push it!
  • Waiting for the inaugural #merlot at this new AO. Who will step up and deliver a beating this PAX deserves, in an effort to elicit some sickness?
  • Still learning names for this big group, part of the challenge of maintaining a group of this size. I’m positive Crack, I-Beam, and Bear have something in the works for getting another option to split the PAX a bit. Look forward to seeing Alpha continue to grow.
  • Lots of movement today, but the PAX kept pace. Solid work!

3 thoughts on “Round and Round We Go”

  1. @Aflac-I’m in for trail runs. I’ve run Chatt River/Gold Branch for yrs. Always interested in finding more trails

  2. @Sprocket_JS – thinking Saturday’s at 9a. Meet at the Roswell Mill and head out from there. Let’s discuss a start date.

    • @Aflac-sounds good. I usually swim or ride Sat a.m.’s but can modify schedule if need be. I’m cool with Roswell Mill. Haven’t run there, so, would be good to go with a brother who knows his way around. Btw, would like to start an F3Alpha/Wreck club on Strava. Does the wreck have a specific F3 logo?


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