Fire Swamp Run #2 Snags 5 PAX

When: 6/26/17

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Hero, Gizmo, Swiper, Clyde and Ha-ha

It was a beautiful 58 degrees at the Fire Swamp this morning as 5 PAX arrived to start the week with the DRP. Last week the temp and humidity were both much higher so it is nice that the humidity broke and we got a cool morning for run #2 at the Fire Swamp AO.

We are still working out the kinks of running with 2 pace groups. ┬áThis morning we agreed on 30 minutes out then turn around and we would all arrive back at 6:30. Seemed to work out well this morning as we went north on the Greenway. ┬áThe “faster” group set an easy 9:15 pace and made 6.5 miles in the hour. The “slower” group was aiming for 5 miles total.

A wonderful way to start the week with a great group of men. Hero said he went further this week in less time that last week. Gizmo joined up with us this week and said it was the first time he had run over 6 miles in a looong time. Clyde and Swiper put in solid work as well.

Prayers for Cheech’s family and friends and the young lady driving the car.

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