When: 06/21/17

QIC: Transporter

PAX (): Caffeine, Booter, gearhead, Thumber, Bronco, Circus, Bayside, Jackolop tumbleweed, Hattrick, Sprocket, Bear, IBeam, Moonshine, DD Patch, Grease monkney, Rollup, Doogie, Aflack, Crack, Zima, Foghorn, Smack down, Pita, Defcon 2. Polorroid (FNG), DoubleKnot (FNG), and one more FNG but missed his name

Twitter has its advantages; I typically reach out to F3 Alpha to let them know I coming so it holds me accountable to getting out of the fart sack while I am on the road. F3 Alpha has been a regular stop for me for the last couple years and I have enjoyed getting to know and work out with them.  .  So, when I let Alpha know was going to be in town Def Con reached out and asked if I would be interested in a guest Q at a new site.

I thought sure, I’ll head in early check out the site and if its new lead a few guys in a work out. NOT how it went at all, I didn’t get to check out the site the day before and after a 5-min pre-run around the site I came up to a stout looking crew of 30 guys.  I was intimidated and not sure I could deliver a work out to meet their expectations, meanwhile Def Con straps on his weight vest giving me the ultimate vote of confidence.  Regardless, I was the Q and I was going to give them my best.

WU: Mosey to the side lot for a round of 25 SSH, 25 MC, 15 Merkins, 15 IW and 10 Cherry pickers (I think)

The Thang:

Mosey over to the hill (Which I guess has yet to be named) for a quick round of 7’s Burpees at the top squats at the bottom. Plank it up with some plank jacks while waiting for the 6. Mosey toward the football field and noticed a good half wall.  15 Step ups (each leg) 15 Dips and 15 Derkins. Plank it up for the 6.  Rinse and repeat with a set of 10 each.  Mosey to the field, bearway to heaven.  Line up on the goal line, 5 burpees every ten and bear crawl to the next.  Go to the 50 and head back around to pick up the 6.   Quick announcement that heaven isn’t half way and so we finished the field.  The 6 was DefCon pushing though with the weight vest so we tailed back around and finished with him.   Mosey over to the side lot and did a partner carry to the building and back with a short Al Gore at the building.  That was the end of the fun so it was a mosey back with just a quick stop for LBC’s and finished up with some Mary.  30 American Hammers, and 15 heels to heavens.



For a Pax that is only a couple weeks old it is very strong. Super excited to see the growth and expansion in North Atlanta.  The servant leader attitude is evident by the growth and the attitudes of the crew I have gotten to know, Boomer, Crack, Foghorn and DefCon2 are great guys and looking forward to getting to know more of you.  Thanks again for having me and looking forward to working out with you all again soon.

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