10 for Tues.

When: 6/20/17

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Koi, Dash, FNG Hard Ball, FNG Skynyrd, The Body, Big Dipper, Tarzan, Chief, Flash, Clyde

Clearly my weather app was a little off this morning.  72?  It felt like 92. YHC began  sweating the second I stepped outside the door and haven’t stopped yet.  It was great to catch a ride with new recruit and neighbor Koi this morning.  I was looking forward to reaping the fruit of all my hard work I put in at the pool this weekend EH’ing my neighbors, but apparently when the M’s aren’t around for body improvement encouragement, a HC isn’t quite as strong.

After receiving several messages last night from regulars that would be out today, I thought the dream of 10 for Tues. was out of sight, but luckily our official recruiter came through again.  Dash with 2 more FNG’s to push us to a 10 spot.

The Thang

Short mosey around the administration building and to the big field in case any stragglers showed.  For warm-ups:
Quick disclaimer and on to:
SSH  X  15
Imperial Walkers X 15
Cotton Mills X 15

Mosey to the base of one of Big Creek’s most majestic features, Mt. Kilimanjaro for some B.O.M.B.S.  

Partner 1 does Burpees while partner 2 runs to sign 6…. Oops looks like sign 5 has been turned into a fire hydrant.  

Sign 1 50 Burpees
Sign 2 100 Overhead claps
Sign 3 150 Merkins
Sign 4 200 Big boy situps
Sign 5 250 Squats

YHC thought I had lost the 2 FNG’s at the explanation but the made as did the entire PAX.  Great work put in by all!  No merlot was spilled although it looked like Big Dipper was close, and I must say the thought crossed my mind as well.

Mosey back to the Roman Columns for mary.

Box Cutter X 20
Hip Raises X 10 per side.

Back to the flag for Name a Roma and COT.


  • Good luck to Flash for his trip to the beach with 1000 teenagers.  What a great event.
  • Prayers for Tarzan’s co-worker’s husband and his surgery for stomach cancer, and for friend with eye trouble.
  • Once we get our regulars back we might be coming for you Rubicon!  Still a ways from the Wreck…
  • Welcome  FNG Hard Ball and FNG Skynyrd keep them coming Flash!
  • Join us next monday for a casual run at #F3FireSwamp.  Meet at the trailhead near the skate park in Fowler park.



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