Mountaineering on the Metal Mountains

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Cricket, Factory, Homeboy, Toolman, Natty Lite (Respect), Manning, C4, Hombre, The Mule, Bloodhound (Respect), Misty, Wheezy, GameCock (FNG), Babyface

YHC promised some climbing and 15 Pax choose to take the DRP to post in the gloom for a mountaineering beatdown.  It seams that each AO in the Alpha has a hill.  I must say the Widow-Maker’s hill is tough and YHC realized that I needed to improve my own ability to conquer elevation changes. The Kodiak does not have a hill. Not like the other AO’s. But have no fear, we do have The Kodiak Metal Mountain Range!!

5:30 am sharp, mosey to the grid iron for a warmup. All exercises IC for 13 reps. SSH, IW, Squats, Cotton Pickers.

The Thang:

Mosey to the smaller metal mountain for 13s.  At the bottom of the bleachers preform 12 merkins. Run to the top for 1 squat. 11 merkins to 2 squats and so forth until 12 squats and 1 merkin. Plank until the six is in.

Now that the Pax has their mountain legs warmed up, mosey to the taller Metal Mountain to CLIMB. Preform the following exercises at base camp, then climb the Metal Moutain. Once at the summit, raccoon crawl across on section of bleachers and return to base camp.

Exercise   (both legs1 rep)  Lap 1            Lap 2            Lap 3               Lap 4

C – rab cakes                         1                    2                     3                      4

L – unges                               2                     4                     6                      8

I – Imperial Walkers               3                     6                     9                     12

M – Mountain Climbers          4                      8                  12                     16

B – Burpee                             5                   10                  15                      20

After 15 burpees, YHC decided that one more lap would be sufficient for a total of 4 laps up the mountains.

Finish in time for some mountain goat work on the side of the Metal Mountains. Dips, step ups, dips, steps ups. All in cadence for 13 reps except the last step up. 15 reps because YHC hit a zone and passed 13 without realizing it.

Back to the flag by way of a mosey around the track for a victory lap.

3 MOM with 13 reps IC of LBCs, Dolly, Freddie Mercury, and Rosellita.

Name -O- Rama

Welcom FNG GameCock.


  • Prayers for Bloodhounds mother in law, Crickets mom, and GameCock’s M. All are battling cancer at various stages. We lift them up to the Lord for his healing hands.
  • More Prayers for Cricket and his M as they approach 2.0 number 4 any day now. That may explain why Cricket was in such a hurry running up the mountains today.


  • YHC described to day was a special day. 13 years ago today, I got married. It has been a wonderful 13 years and I can honestly say that each year gets better than the last. F3 has helped me strive to be a better. The M was “more than thrilled” when I told her 13 would be the number of the day in honor of 13 wonderful years.
  • In the pre-blast, YHC called the stadium Aluminium Hills. While Aluminium is number 13 on the periodic table, Metal Mountain sounds much more F3. Thanks Bloodhound.
  • Whether it was the humidity, the beatdown or a combination, The Kodiak Pax got their sweat on this morning. Hombre and C4 were measuring who could ring out the most sweat from their shirt. They left a couple of ponds in the parking lot.
  • 2.0 work out next Saturday. Bring your 2.0 and get ready for some fun.
  • July 14, 2nd F at Natty Lite’s casa. German Home Brew promised. The rest of the details to be determined.


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