Another Ruck, and Another FNG

When: 6/15/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Babyface, Cricket, Lawdog, Senior Blart (FNG - Richard Esher), and Weezy

This morning brought us the great opportunity to be out in the nice humid morning with a heavy pack and another FNG.  This one was courtesy of Lawdog, whose EHing finally wore down his co-worker into coming out and joining our fun.  Along with today’s FNG we also had Weezy Ruck with us this morning who shed his FNG status just yesterday.

Our pace was a little slower this morning without Bloodhound or Cody out there but we still made it around in pretty good time.  Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking discussed for the day, but still a solid morning among the PAX taking down the DRP.

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