Roswell AO – Week 2 Day 1 – League of Legs

When: 06/12/2017


PAX (): MillerTime, Aflac, Bear, Rudy, Crablegs, Doogie, Grease Monkey, Fondue Guy, Hatrick, bayside, Patch, Rollup, Jackelope, Moonshine, DoubleD, Turbine, PETA, Foghorn, Gearhead, Crystal, Devito, I-Beam, DefConII

The start of the second week at Roswell Area Park was off to a great start 12 hours before the actual workout.  Moonshine helped YHC with a diabolical little plan to challenge the PAX with some crowd pleasing leg exercises.  League of Legs is a favorite episode of some recently forgotten cartoon series that Moonshine must either watch with his 2.0s or just alone, but alas the heros of the episode are strong and powerful, however they have little weakling legs.  The story goes, they work out the legs, the legs become super powerful and becoming superheroes known as the League of Legs.  Said superheros get into trouble, cause mayhem and then end up with weak legs and back to the same powers as in the beginning of the episode.  Reference:  Out of this funny reference Moonshine reminded YHC of the name of a powerful leg exercise, Lt. Dans.  They make YHC leg’s scream, not in a painful way, but like they are on a green screen on Forest Gump…aka…temporarily absent.


Monday Morning

The parking lot filled up fast as 23 PAX (14 RFNGs) converged on Day#1 / Week #2 of the Roswell AO.  Only on week two and The Wreck parking lot is filling to seemingly over 50% capacity, proof of a strong launch with lots of RFNGs.

Let’s get to it…The PAX launches the workout with a Mosey down the dark trail (yet to be explored 1.5 miles) that loops around the entire park.

Arriving at the large parking lot the PAX circles up to stretch the ol man legs in preparation for what is to come.

The Warmup

  • SSH x 20
  • Cotton pickers x15
  • Wind mills x 19 (premature inflection)

The Thang

Since the Football field aka “Gridiron” has the really nice new type of turf field, YHC forwent the normal hand protectors and guided the PAX to the sideline for a few Animal Exercises to start on the League of Legs.  All Exercises were completed from sideline to sideline on a regulation size football field.  PAX at The Rubicon normally complete exercises on the FOD softball diamond, so this was a bit more distance and work.  Wanting no rest, the PAX did Squats while waiting for the six.

  • Bear Crawls
  • Cheetahs
  • Elephant walk
  • Crab walk (forwards halfway, backwards halfway)
  • Scorpions (switch legs halfway…feel the burn)
  • Kangaroo Hops

The PAX mosied to the end line for the next exercise down the field: Lt. Dans in cadence.  Starting with 1:4 ration of squat:lunges and increasing one squat each time.  YHC believes the count ended around 7:28 or possibly more…the pain was real.

The easiest exercise of the morning (besides cotton pickers) was the return trip down the field with a like sized Partner Carry on each Pax’s back, switching partners at the 50 yard line.  It isn’t easy to run with a grown man on your back, but it beats Lt. Dans…

Next up was the main event, an exercise to challenge the aerobic capacity and strength of every PAX.

The Gridiron 4 Corner Escalator

The Pax moved to the entrance corner of the gridiron.  Facing the stadium seats the entire time, the PAX progressed up the escalator of pain to complete the training for the League of Legs.

  • OYO, Starting at First Corner
  • 10 burpees
  • Run forward to Second corner
  • 10 burpees, 20 Lunges
  • Karaoke to Third gridiron corner (120 yards)
  • 10 burpees, 20 Lunges, 30 monkey humpers
  • Run backwards to four corner
  • 10 burpees, 20 Lunges, 30 monkey jumpers, 40 star jumps
  • Karaoke back to start
  • Squats for the six

With 5 minutes to spare the PAX lined up double file and did a blazing Indian run back to the Shovel Flag.


  • LBCs
  • Scissor Legs
  • Freddie Mercury


The PAX did a workout like the League of Legs, and just for a moment, maybe two, felt like superheros this morning.  YHC is Super proud to see so many Recent FNGs return for week two.  If you are sore as you are reading this, then just wait until two days after…time to post again…the perfect cure for the sore leg hangover as you wake up early Wednesday morning.  Give it six weeks, the wakeup gets easy and soreness isn’t so constant.

The strong support from F3Alpha Rubicon PAX was felt as many are becoming regular attenders.

Lots of great activities happening for The Wreck.  2nd F Coffeeteria on Wednesday at after the workout.  GrowRuck coming in Nov: join the rest of the F3Alpha clan in a CSAUP suckfest while growing.  Join the Saturday AlphaRuck at 0600 and Widow-Maker 0700 at WebBridge Park this weekend; a great start to your weekend.

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