Forecast: Lots of Downhills

About 5 minutes to 0700, the AlphaRuck crew came running in to the parking area with the shovel flag flying to join the rest of the PAX. 11 posted for the beatdown in “cooler than GA summer” temps. T-Claps to FNG Maguire who posted for the 2 hour AlphaRuck + Widowmaker combo on his first time out. Definitely a HIM straight out of the gate. YHC had promised folks lots of downhills for today’s workout. Unfortunately (or fortunately??) when you start and end at the same spot, delivering lots of downhills requires just as many uphills. Here’s how things went down:

Mosey around to the top side of the parking lot for disclaimer and IC SSH, cottonpickers, hill billies and Merkins.

The Thang:

Mosey around the loop and down the hill. Round 1: run up the hill halfway, 25 downhill Carolina dry docks, run to the top, 25 side sweepers, run down to halfway, 25 derkins, run to the bottom and flutter kicks for the six. Repeat for rounds 2 and 3, decreasing exercise reps by 5 each round. Switch up the core work at the bottom for dollys and LBCs for these rounds.

Break from the hill for 5 minutes of Mary with IC flutterkicks, 6-inch foot bounces, rosalita, LBC, and Freddy mercury.

Back to the hill for 2 more rounds, decreasing exercise reps by 5 each time. Plank and ab V for the six on these rounds. One final sprint up the hill with no exercise to round out a total of 6 hill laps.

Next up was a BLIMPS trail run back to the lot. Start with 5 burpees, then add 5 reps for each exercise stopping at each intersection and bridge. Finished at the top of the lot with 30 squats and plank for the six. Head back to the flag to finish with round robin Mary IC. American hammers,flutterkicks, dying cockroach, J-Lo’s, and LBC’s.


– Welcome FNG Maguire (Mitchell). Look forward to see you out again

– Prayers for Boomer’s family reunion and safe travels for all.

– Praise for the growth we’ve seen this last week at the new Roswell Wreck AO.

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