And Crack Makes Seven

When: 6/9/17

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Lumbergh, Foghorn, Miller Time, Lawdog, DeVito Crack, Ha-ha

It’s been a long recovery week for YHC. You see, on a last minute whim YHC and his 21 year old 2.0 (He-he) decided to make a dash to Moab, UT, ride some epic bike trails and then return… in 6 days… driving not flying… before He-he started his summer internship this week. To say it was the trip of a lifetime and some extreme male bonding time with my 2.0 would be an understatement. But the piper sometimes has to be paid and such was the case after this trip.  No only did Monday start a bit sluggishly but I went OTB and took a pretty good fall on day two on some sandstone that had it in for all of my exposed skin. Muscles and bones were fine but Moab kept small pieces of me. YHC’s skin is still healing. But this morning I was definitely  feeling better and looking forward to the weatherman promised 58 degree temps and the AlphaMen of F3.  The weather did not quite deliver with a temp of 60 instead but the AlphaMen came.

So with 6 PAX we were heading out for the north Alpharetta neighborhood run when a last car came pulling in as we moseyed out to make 7. Crack dropped in we looped back to pick him up as he was sporting his stylish white sports bra…. ahh, or was it a cut off tank with a F3 logo. We cruised along at a good pace up Canton St. through Andover/North Andover and out to Providence Rd, back to Mayfield and through the neighborhood  behind Alpharetta Elementary School back to Mayfield and Canton back to Milton Ave.

It was a great morning with the AlphaMen of F3.

COT: Praise for a safe and successful trip for Ha-ha and He-he.

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