Hot and ready, just like little ceasars

When: 6/5/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): C-4, Cricket, Buckeye, Naty Lite, Misty, The Mole, Homeboy, Lawdog, & Hombre

It was about 5:22 this morning when YHC looked at C-4 (who was the only other person in the parking lot with me) with a little sweat beading on my forehead (more from nerves than the humidity) and said “Um…looks like me might have a light crowd today.”  But in true Kodiak fashion by the time 5:30 rolled around we had a good crowd of 9 men (10 after about 30 more seconds) and we were off for some fun in the stadium.

Warm up

10 IC

Copperhead Squats


Split Jacks – We stopped at 7, trust me it was enough

The Thang

We then moseyed to the track for a modified Griff: Run 800M Forward, 400M Backward, 800M Forward, 400M Backwards

The modifications: After every time around the track, Do 5 Burpees.  Every 2 minutes, Drop and do 10 Merkins.

Next we ran to the concession stand for some refreshments.  YHC ordered a 6-pack of Handstand push ups and Star Jumps for everyone to have, and they all seemed pretty thankful YHC didn’t order an 11 pack (11’s), as originally planned.  

We followed that up with a Ring of Fire with Squats: Stay in Squat as we go around the circle doing 10 squats, which once we finished the first round we rinsed and repeated in the opposite direction.  With our legs fully warmed up now and with about 9 minutes left on the clock we moseyed over to the visitor stadium, partnered up and did blimps up and down the stadium.  YHC thought he was making it a lighter version of Blimps by starting at 10 burpees and going up by 10 for each exercise, but now that I read the exercise description, YHC realizes that I actually made it harder, oh well, you’re welcome.

Finally we made it back to the flag with 1 minute left, and YHC wanted every member to get their money’s worth, so we did a different type of ring of fire were we tried to go around the circle with squats again as fast as possible each man only doing 1 squat, to see how many times we could get around in our final minute.  After a quick explanation,  math proved difficult, but we made it around 5 times before the clock struck 6:15.


  • Prayers for Hombres father who is in the hospital
  • Prayers for Homeboy and his family as they go on a mission trip this coming week


  • 2.0 Kodiak workout on Saturday June 24th at 7 am.  All are invited, it’s the weekend after father’s day but it worked best for the guys who are Qing.  Come out and enjoy the Kodiak, with your kids.
  • Great to see how strong we are getting as a group.  Solid PAX up here at the Kodiak.
  • Great to see Roswell get off to such an awesome start this morning!!  Good luck to you guys down there, hopefully some of us can make it down in the next few weeks.
  • The end of the 2nd quarter is coming up so that means Qs will be changing.  Let me know if you are interested in taking over on Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday.

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